Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Weird In-Between Place

January always feels really weird to me. I mean, it's a good weird, but weird all the same. Whenever there's a change or transition something has to end, then there's a weird in-between stage where nothing really happens before you can move into whatever new thing is coming to replace the old. For me, every January is this in-between place.

This especially happens during the years when I'm in school because I have a nice long break between semesters. But even without school, January is the time when all the Holiday hubbub is over, which felt like it lasted forever, and I can barely remember my life pre-November.

Now I kind of hate New Year resolutions. I always forget them 2 weeks into the year, and when I write them down, I forget to look at my list. I don't like setting myself up for that kind of failure. :) But I do really like change. And January is an awesome opportunity for me to decide what my new life {schedules, routines, free time} will look like. It's as if the holidays are my proverbial reset button for my daily life. So I've starting thinking about some of the new changes I want to make to my routines.

For example,
* I really want to {CRINGE!} wake up earlier {SHUDDER!} on a regular basis.
* Set aside sacred time each week for doing something creative.
* Re-institute date night with D.
* Make more time for some self-work {personal growth, spiritual growth, etc.}

Those are the big things.
Go go gadget self-discipline!
I can do it!


  1. i'll tell you how you wake up earlier. go spend 10 days in europe. then come back and find yourself awake every morning before the sun comes up. this jetlag is killing me...

    love your resolutions though.

  2. I DEFINITELY need to start waking up earlier! I've left a little something for you over on my blog... x

  3. i found your blog through red boots.. congrats on the award!

    and i like your new years resolutions! i woke up the latest i've ever woken up today... so i think i should try to wake up a bit earlier from now on :-)

  4. I've just discovered your blog (thanks to Red Boots and your lovely little blog award...)
    It's great. I'm definitely adding it to my list of blogs to visit on a regular basis.

    Loved your photos of Christmas in Wisconsin!

    Happy New Year. Good luck with those resolutions...

  5. Love these resolutions and love your blog :-)

    Cute pics, we are neighbors.


  6. great resolutions! and that is such a cute picture!