Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Firsts

And now it's time for, "Some New Year Firsts"...

...for instance, my first meal of the New Year was 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...awesome/sorry mom.

and my first illegal download of the New Year was an old Badly Drawn Boy album...this was also my first moral dilemma of the New Year.

my first hearty laugh was having a better look at the xmas stocking Dannon made me...all I can say is it's Fantastic!
I had my first wearing of the cute fox necklace my mom got me...swoon!
and my first adventure of the New Year was celebrating my friend Larry's birthday. We roamed around The Palace of Fine Art, ate way too many belgian fries at Frjtz, sipped tea at Samovar, and relaxed by the fire at D's house.
Why do I look so much shorter than normal here? I really that short?... no...really?


  1. Oh, but the old Badly Drawn Boy album is so good. I love "Once Around the Block". And your fox necklace is so yum!

  2. was dannon wearing his platforms that day? this is a GREAT list, although seeing and hearing about your adventures in the WARM SUN are causing my first heartache of 2010. a trip to san francisco is on my to do list for the year. for realz.

  3. Its OK that your first New Years meal was Reeses peanut butter cups. They are one of my favorite candybars. The fox necklace looks so good on you. Just divine.

  4. Wonderful list! Your mom has great taste, I adore your new necklace.

  5. HEY! i was just over there. well, not in that exact spot but i drove passed it. how fun!

    love the stocking btw.

  6. i love the palace!!! it's so pretty!! especially when the swans are swimming around

  7. Your necklace looks sooo cute on you! I had to keep that one a secret for a while! Mom was so excited to be able to get it for you! And YES, you are that short! I love you, sis!