Monday, December 7, 2009

My 7 Things...

I was tagged by Camilla from Champagne Bubbles this weekend to do a list of 7 things in my home that shows who I am. I live in a 200 sq ft apartment {yes, it's that small} smack dab in the middle of San Francisco. I think my home is a lot like me - small but full of memories! It was really difficult to choose just 7, but I tried to pick things I don't normally talk about anyway {unlike my little felt creations and my cute bicycle}. So here you are...

1. Chloe: Okay, so she's only technically a "thing" {to me she's family}, but she is the most important thing in my home. My mom found her as a kitten on a busy street in TN. She called me to come get the kitten because she couldn't keep her in her office all day. When I first saw Chloe Cat I knew - she was mine forever. That was 10 years ago and Chloe has been with me through the good times and the bad.
2. Monster & Robot art: I love monsters and robots... a lot. The monster was an awesome find at the Renegade Craft Fair this year and the little robot is a piece of art my talented friend Kristle made me for my birthday one year. The two robots dancing was a drawing Dannon sent me when we spent a summer apart a couple years ago. I love all of these little guys!
3. My tea: Okay, fine, I'll admit it... I may have a slight caffeine addiction {but I can quit anytime!} which mostly exists in the form of tea. It's become a favorite little ritual of mine to have my morning tea with pretty blogs and lovely music.
4. My loft bed: When you live in one tiny room, having a loft bed makes a huge difference. And mine isn't just any old loft bed - Dannon designed and built it for me! {Isn't he amazing?!} He made it tall enough for me to stand up under so I don't even know it's there {I'm only 5 feet tall}. You can see a couple other pieces of his original furniture here.
5. Art by Michelle Purvis: Dannon and I took a trip to Portland, OR one year and discovered Michelle Purvis at the Saturday Market. I immediately fell in love with all of Michelle's art and took this one home. This is very special to me because it is the very first piece of original art I ever bought. When I bought it I felt like I was officially an adult!
6. My scarves: One great thing about living in San Francisco is that you can wear scarves pretty much every day year round. Some were gifts, some gave their profits to good causes, and one belonged to Dannon's grandma. I absolutely LOVE my little collection of scarves and hardly ever go without one.
7. The Mandolin: I can't exactly call it mine since I totally stole, er, procured it from Dannon. I absolutely love music more than anything else and even though I only know a handful of chords I love playing it, singing my heart out and learning new songs {like Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire or Kermit the Frog's It's Not Easy Being Green}. Music is my favorite!So there you are. A few {new} things about me.


  1. i love your things!! especially the monsters and robots. but i'm still scared of your bed. i'd definitely fall off. maybe its cause i'm 6'0 tall and scared of heights. who knows?

    great post! :)

  2. Those were wonderful! I LOVE your scarf collection! I LOVE scarfs!

  3. What the?! I think you're my best friend I've never met. You're a therapist? Me too! I love your loft bed and I would pay to hear you sing "Ring of Fire." There, I said it!

  4. My scarf collecting puts a big fat smile on my face too!

  5. chloe is super cute! also love the loft bed. definitely the perfect thing in a small apartment.

  6. I'm so jealous of your loft bed!

  7. Man oh man its old here! I love it! I have been waiting for it to get cold now since summer started ha!

  8. love your loft bed, so cute and i'm in love with scarves...i have a million.

  9. LOVE Michelle Purvis's work! thanks for putting her link up!