Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Absolutely Adorable Bike!

Have I gushed yet about how much I love my little bike?! Because I really really do. Everywhere I go people who know bikes ask to take pictures of it because it's styled after a famous french bike. But not only is my bike adorable, it has a romantic story too!
This little bike was hand-built by Dannon's grandpa years ago for Dannon's grandma. Dannon's grandparents' last name is Roy, which means "King." So his grandpa put "La Reine" on the bike for the feminine version, "Queen." When I was originally looking for a bike I couldn't find one small enough because I'm only 5 feet. But it just so happens she's a teeny woman too so the bike fits me perfectly!
Dannon's grandpa passed away years ago. So now when Dannon works on the bike for me, it's a beautiful way for him to connect with his grandpa {have you grabbed your box of tissues yet?}.
One of my new favorite things is taking rides through the park with Dannon. On Sundays we stop and do a little swing dancing, and other days we just explore or make our way to the ocean. Riding bikes has become such a lovely experience.
I feel so honored that I get to ride this special bike now!