Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shedding my Skin at the De Young

Last weekend we experienced a thought-provoking art installation at the De Young Museum. It was a huge walk-through art exhibit that represented the ancient Egyptian beliefs about shedding our skin and transforming into the new.

There was this amazing hall of black lights and glowing neon colored strings {I was so amazed at the magicalness that I never looked to see what it was representing},and this beautiful "transformation chamber" which created a human kaleidoscope as you walked through it.But according to Egyptian beliefs, before you entered the transformation chamber you had to shed your skin. This was my favorite part because there were hundreds of cards where people wrote out what they were wanting to shed in their lives. It was really touching and beautiful. {click the pics for easier reading}I wrote out my own card of what I wanted to shed and left it there. I think this is a truly difficult process if you can be honest with yourself. Sure there are lots of little things that we all wish we could change, but to really admit the deep dark truth is pretty hard. It was such a freeing experience to able to just put it out there {anonymously of course}.
That's why I think PostSecret is such an amazing concept. People can admit some embarrassing and funny things, and they can also admit tragic and heartbreaking things - all in an anonymous way. {If you want to know more about PostSecret and how to send your secrets, click here.}
I think it is a courageous and transforming experience to look at what things in your life you want to get rid of this next year, and I highly recommend taking some time to think about this. And remember that despite all the things you wish you could shed, you are still a beautiful and loved person!

{a couple of the pics were borrowed from here. some of my pics didn't come out as well}


  1. That is so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this - I love exhibitions where you can take part, and I love people's honesty. x

  3. I want to put neon string and UV lights in the hallway of my new apartment! It's long and dark like that passageway.