Thursday, September 17, 2009

Porch Project!

I've lived in my itty-bitty 200 square foot apartment for almost 4 years now. Up until a few weeks ago, I had a porch that I never used. It was covered in mold and had chipping paint. Gross. But much to my excitement, some painters came and painted our entire building, leaving my porch beautiful, clean and white! So I convinced Dannon to take me on an Ikea trip where I bought a couple things to make my porch a cozy place. Now I can hang out there on lovely days reading, eating breakfast, etc.!

Ah, a new canvas.

Thanks Ikea for having cute, cheap stuff that makes my porch so welcoming!

Taking advantage of the beautiful, warm day while I can {Hooray it's September! That means summer is finally here in San Francisco!}.

Kitties love the new porch too, because I leave the window cracked when I'm out there.


  1. Cute!!! i sooo love ikea! i notice their furniture in so many movies and even on commercials! Casey makes fun of me cause i know their product line so well! AND i LOVE LOVE LOVE that table on your porch! one of my fave ikea items! and the plant and the lantern just add a homey touch! yeah for you and your cute little porch! i hope you enjoy some lazy moments there!

  2. do you climb out your window to get to the porch? this is pretty freaking awesome, giving you a lot more square footage (percentage-wise).

  3. Oh it's so charming and inviting! Maybe you can even use it with a warm blanket in the cooler weather? :) Here's hoping for many magical and inspiring moments for you in that space!