Friday, March 20, 2009

EEEK! A Spider!!!

Speaking of horrible, yet effective things to get one out of bed in the morning... I happened to wake up today to a GIANT hairy spider right above my head {I sleep in a very tall loft bed}. This of course set into motion a panic-y {and I'm sure comical} first 10 minutes of my day, wherein I desperately wanted to let my fierce cat attack {oh how she wanted to!}, but not let said cat knock the GIANT hairy spider into my bed getting lost forever in the sheets. {Because if that happened, I would definitely have to move.} All the while the radio alarm clock was playing Rush's "Tom Sawyer." Which actually seemed to be a rather fitting song for a young independent woman and her hunter cat taking care of a spider first thing in the morning.

As it happened, I was able to wait for the spider to move away from my bed, then I knocked it down with a water gun and vacuumed it up. However, it is not confirmed that I actually got the spider with the vacuum. It may be lost somewhere in my shoe collection, which means I will probably be barefoot until I can get to the shoe store.

And now, I am more awake than I have ever been in my whole life.

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