Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break!

Well, it's true, I am on Spring Break. However, Spring Break in grad school means something completely different than back in my college days. I will be spending my school-free week 1.) doing homework, 2.) applying for my practicum in the fall, 3.) catching up on house stuff, 4.) attending multiple meetings, and 5.) hopefully getting some art done for my various projects.

Dannon, on the other hand, who finished school forever a year ago, is taking a trip for his brother's Spring Break. He flew to Utah last night and will be spending the next few days snowboarding. How unfair!

So for Sunday Funday I will be planning my week of busyness and work. On the plus side, I just got my new camera so I can finally {and properly} chronicle our adventures with real pictures {instead of my phone-camera pics}!

Finally, a little something just for fun:

{found here}

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