Thursday, March 19, 2009

Completely Horrible/Awesome Alarm Clocks!

Okay, so I am one of those people who take about 40 minutes to actually wake up even though I use 3 different alarm clocks with 3 different sounds. I'm what you would call a "heavy sleeper" and "not a morning person." So a friend of mine from grad school told me about these amazing alarm clocks from ThinkGeek.

This first one is on wheels and when the alarm goes off, it starts wheeling around the house. You have to run after it and find it {wherever it is} in order to shut off the alarm. {But isn't it so cute?!}

This second one has a helicopter thingy that flies off into the air when the alarm goes off. You must find the flying thingy and put it back onto the base to make the alarm stop buzzing.

Oh, and did I mention that the actual alarms sound horrendous? Think: World War II bombing sirens.

Okay, so, yes - these little guys would be absolutely infuriating in the mornings. Yet, I think they are exactly what I need to get me up out of bed.


  1. oh, my! these do not seem like a happy way to start a day!

  2. DId you get one yet, huh huh??? 'Cuz these are freaking brilliant! I want the notes from your field tests! ...oh gees. I also suddenly want BREAKFAST - right NOW! Okay. Must obey the stomach...will catch up on further back episodes of thy blog at a later date. MUAH! - Lishie