Monday, June 28, 2010

happy monday!

well it was another bummer of a weekend - an all-day saturday class on psychopharmacology. oy!

but i did get to have some fun at the end of last week, roaming around town with one of my favorite friends {whom i'll get to live near in l.a.!!!}.

we drank all the great coffee san francisco has to offer {ritual, four barrel, blue bottle}, explored hayes valley and valencia street, saw three weddings in the hallway of city hall,

and visited our local wildlife... well, parklife actually.

can you believe july starts this week?! how crazy! that means i'm moving in 30 days!
yipp.... wait a second... i need to get packing!!!


  1. oh i love blue bottle! and i've heard city hall makes for a beautiful wedding!

  2. I can't believe it's almost July! Where is this year going? And WHERE is our summer weather? It's certainly not here in Victoria yet.

    Good luck with the packing! Your adventure is just about to begin!

  3. Love the bison! Really, time is flying. I'd swear I saw a clock hovering outside my window this morning! (Awful play on words, I know). Hope your Monday turned out well!

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