Thursday, April 8, 2010


oh how i've loved sigur ros for many years, and now the lead singer, jonsi, has come out with a solo album {which is in english instead of icelandic or the made-up language in which sigur ros often sings}. it's so beautiful and ethereal, perfect for a quiet night in with a hot bath, or looking out over the world from the top of a mountain, whichever is more applicable to you. have a listen:

swell, isn't it?!
i've been listening to this album nonstop for the past few days. it's the official soundtrack of my literature review. thanks jonsi!


  1. oh wow. i didn't know the album was actually out yet!!! i love sigur ros - walked down the isle to starflur - and have been listening to the one Jonsi song that came out on All Songs Considered forever! Thanks for sharing, dear!!!

    this is incredible!!! oh goodness i am so excited to get his album!! thanks for sharing this!

  3. The music list isn't loading for me today. :( It's worked before. I'll have to attempt to look it up on Youtube - thanks for the tip!

  4. Fun music for me to listen to in my library today. Thanks! (another artist you've recommended that I've never heard of!)

  5. love music like this. might have to pay itunes a visit! : ) thanks for sharing the goodness with us.