Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Art!

this weekend i was slaving away at my lit review and hanging out on twitter for teensy little breaks. rainn wilson {who has really funny tweets, by the by} posted an entry quoting Euan Uglow stating "I've never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso," with a link to a website. i was intrigued, and in need of a break from my piles of research articles, so i followed the link.
much to my surprise, it was an article on soulpancake interviewing Jen Wallace {from Indie Fixx} about her free art project, Feed Your Soul.

i've been a fan of feed your soul for a while now, and i'm so excited that word is spreading about it. each month new prints are added which are totally free to download. so if you were wanting some new art, or if you are an artist interested in submitting your art, check out the site. and if you want to know more, you can read the soulpancake interview here.

there are so many great pieces, but here are a few that spoke to me:

aren't they wonderful?!

three cheers for free art!!!


  1. Gorgeous art! I love them all, especially the last one.

  2. oh wow! i just love the last print. thank you for sharing, dear!

  3. Oh I adore the last one! It's so cheerful. Thanks Kim! Just what I needed...

    (sometimes taking a break from the school work really pays off, no?)

    PS: LOST was amazing! We must discuss!

  4. I am soooooo enamored with the third one!

  5. That first one is my favorite. Thanks for posting these!

  6. Just love these! I ended up printing off two for my apartment (the round tree with two birds & the bright one with a black spiral tree). I also shot the link to my sister who did art throughout all of her schooling. Thanks for the link!

  7. what a great site! i love the first print :)

  8. free art? that's almost unheard of!!! how exciting!