Tuesday, August 31, 2010

our urban oasis }i{

check it out! dannon worked hard this weekend and made our little courtyard so dreamy! we now have a hammock, a little table with chairs, sweet globe lights in our tree, and a cozy fire pit.

we even have a super friendly neighbor kitty who likes to come visit us and have long conversations.

...bringing much distress to our indoor-only chloe cat.

the big tree in our yard is home to a little family of black phoebe's who are so cute to watch! they love the bird bath i made for them {a measly glass pie plate on a chair} and they sing us pretty songs in the morning. even chloe cat has fallen in love {well, okay, she would rather eat them than swoon over them with me, but she's happy all the same}.

now our yard is the perfect spot to hang out reading or having a nice dinner!
so now that it's all set up, who wants to come over?

ps - don't forget to spread the love! i just met a new neighbor thanks to melissa's challenge. i can't wait to see how a little extra kindness changes life today!


  1. Your little courtyard looks fantastic! I love that you added some hanging white lights -- I'd love to see photos of the area at night.

  2. I love your cute courtyard! it's such a great space, you are so lucky to have gotten it!!! I wish I didn't live a zillion infinity miles away because I for sure would love to come over and check it out!

  3. What a fabulous extension of your home! Love it.

  4. What an adorable courtyard!! I especially love the beautiful orange kitty :)

  5. your courtyard is so cute! and poor chloe! :(

  6. You have a hammock?! How very perfect!

    Also, I'm super-excited to hear that Spread the Love week helped inspire meeting a neighbor, that's fun!