Monday, December 6, 2010

good deeds ~ raven + lily!

i'm so excited about this week's good deed because it involves shopping. you heard me! the shop, raven + lily {which i've raved about before on my blog}, provides an amazing way to combine doing good for others and shopping for great gifts this holiday season {or anytime really}!

i first discovered raven + lily when exploring my neighborhood the first week i lived in los angeles. we were struck with how gorgeous everything was - the home goods, shawls, jewelry, and paperless journals. at first i thought it was just another boutique, but i quickly learned that it is a far more wonderful and beautiful idea.

raven + lily is a non-profit organization that works with impoverished women all over the world, helping them grow in design and art. the products that these women create are then sold through raven + lily online and in their local shop here in echo park. raven + lily does all the dirty work of marketing and selling, as well as supporting the women through inspiration, tips on creating beautiful products, and providing a much-needed paycheck. the money that you spend at raven + lily goes right back to the women in india, africa, and even homeless single mothers of los angeles {depending on what you're buying}.

when i stopped in the shop a few months ago, i was able to write a letter to the very women who designed and created the gorgeous coasters i bought. it was the most amazing feeling in the world to know that my money was going to a creative woman just like me, and to even send her a note, woman to woman, designer to designer ~ just, wow!

~ here are a few of my favorites {although there are SO many great things} ~

this gorgeous necklace, made by entoto women in ethiopia, is created out of melted down war weapons. what a powerful idea!

i love these paperless journals & cards, created by women in northern india, which are made from cotton rags, newspapers, old army tents, and denim jeans.

there are even some sweet things for your local baby.

so head over to the online shop {or go to the pretty store if you live in los angeles} and check out all the cute stuff you could give as gifts this year, as well as helping a real woman earn an honest living.

you can also help raven + lily by:
* spreading the word about their shop & mission,
* hosting a trunkshow near you,
* and praying for the cause.

{all photos borrowed from raven + lily's website and blog}


  1. Another great, inspirational post by you Kim! Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  2. Brilliant -- I love when people decide to start businesses that help other people. And the statement that necklace makes...I'm seriously blown away by that. I will definitely have to check out this place next chance I get.

  3. This is so incredible! Thanks for showing us some style and how to get involved in creating world peace at the same time.

  4. Wow this is so great Kim. Thanks for spreading the word!

  5. Aww I love the little giraffe! My cousin just found out she's pregnant, this would make such a cute gift ;)

  6. sweet. I think it really cool that you could write to the product maker. If I ever come to your coast I'll have to check that out.

  7. Did you see that ceiling in the first picture?? LOVE it!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I love a cause that helps individuals share their true talents. Beautiful.

  9. how amazing!! that giraffe- um hello! my future babes totally need one!


  10. oh i love it! i stopped in, and i think i found a perfect gift for a friend :) thanks for sharing this. so many people need help, we all have to do our part!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing--I bookmarked the site and am definitely going to spread the word!