Friday, December 3, 2010


it has been a fantastic week and i have so much to be thankful for!


* getting most of the christmas gifts for my loved ones made, planned, & purchased {no day before gift planning for me this year - woohoo!}.

* rocking the parallel parking all by myself {and becoming more comfortable driving again in general}.

* the super cold weather, which was the perfect opportunity to pull out my favorite cozy coat and hat!

* our christmas tree. it makes our house smell so dreamy! plus the twinkly lights at night make our home feel magical.

* chai lattes, which i may or may not have kept hidden from the mister. i worked hard to stop my addiction, but it just feels so right!

* my husband making me laugh first thing in the morning by doing an impression of beaker singing muse. [long dreamy sigh...] that guy is awesome!

* the super warm days that came at the end of this week! now i can wear my favorite dress, found at my favorite thrift shop on haight street {dear san francisco, i miss you terribly and you will always have my heart!}.

* 100+ followers! i am thrilled to be meeting so many great people through my blog and i feel so honored that i have so many followers. i love how we can use blogging as a way to spread positivity, information, and friendship. i'm so grateful for each one of YOU!

what are you thankful for this week?


  1. Which is your favorite thrift shop on Haight St.?? The Goodwill there is a pretty great one, but I'm totally loyal to Crossroads (although I guess I wouldn't call it a *thrift* store--I don't know?). So much good shopping on Haight . . . from second hand stores to Ambiance!

  2. U look so cute in there Kim! Glad that things go quite well for you!

    I am thankful for everything in my life. Thankful for my family and loved ones. Thankful for I have found many positive and enlightening blogs and 1 of them is yours! XX

  3. That dress is adorable on you! What an awesome find! At the moment, I'm quite thankful the week is over and that I'm getting through my work at a good pace. I'm giving myself a wee bit of time to have fun tomorrow and I can't wait to get up to LA next weekend!

  4. I love those boots!! where are they from?

    And seriously, I haven't even thought about Christmas presents. Eek!

  5. I love your winter hat! SO cute!

    I love thrift shops, too! :).

    I'm thankful to have everything that I have. My family & Friends. They make my life that much better!

    And of course, meeting new blog friends! That just rocks!

  6. Loving your outfits lady!

    I am thankful for COFFEE this week!

  7. I worked out every day!

    I made a delicious pasta dish for dinner last night.

    My husband also made me laugh. He makes me laugh every day.

    Pay day 

    The conversation that I had with mom. We laughed uncontrollably at one point. Love those moments.

    I’m grateful for the roof over my head. It’s been cold here and I’ve been thinking of those that don’t have a home and how they make it through the brisk nights.


    But above all I’m grateful the week is over. I’m needing my weekend right about now.

  8. your dress & coat (well, i mean, pretty much YOU in general) are adorable. seriously. s-to the-woon.

    hope your weekend is peachy-keen.


    p.s. your comments on my blog make. my. days. thank you!

  9. Aaah, chai lattes... I've given up trying to fight that addiction!

    Love your festive, wintry (for L.A.) outfits and all your little bits of gratitude this week. I can't wait to put up our tree. There is nothing cozier than sitting by the twinkly lights of the tree (so magical, you're right!) and enjoying a hot beverage. Like, oh, I don't know... a chai latte, perhaps?

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Yay for parallel parking!!!

    And you seriously look so cute!

  11. i am thankful for my beautiful family and friends and for the sunshine! and i really enjoy your blog, you look so pretty in these pictures! love, xx erimentha

  12. So stunning !!!


  13. I LOVE your coat! It's super lovely! :)
    I'm so sorry I've been missing your blog lately! I don't know what's happening!

  14. I love that first look so warm and cozy for the season :)

  15. you look so great in both pictures!! :)

    and this week i am thankful for

    ~ my mister. he's been a good hubby taking care of me lately.

    ~ pinkberry. it brightens my day every time i have a little delicious fro yo. :)

  16. dear kimbirdy,

    san francisco misses you too! she told me so! (oh and apparently SF is a girl. lol.)

    btw i love your cold and warm day outfits. you look picture perfect!

  17. send the warmth my way please!

  18. awh what a sweet post, hope your week is off to a good start!

    ps: love those boots :)

  19. Mastering parallel parking is definitely worth a heck of a lot of gratitude!!! Wish I could join you in the thankfulness for that skill.