Monday, November 8, 2010

good deeds ~ heifer international!

i've decided that since we're well into november and the holiday season, i want to start a series all about good things we can do for our fellow man, woman, child, animal and planet.

part of me wishes that people were more willing to give their time and energies throughout every month. but i'm incredibly grateful that there's at least a couple months built into the year when people dramatically increase their involvement with charities and community service. it's better than nothing right? so i'll take it!

as a lot of you have already experienced, doing good for others is one the fastest, most effective ways to brighten your own life, whether you're going through really tough times, stuck in a rut, or just need new inspiration. I know i've felt the positive effects of a good deed, and there's really nothing like it! i love this quote from the dalai lama:

"Just imagine if we all lived with no compassion, thinking only of ourselves.
We would suffer greatly.
The more you think of others, the happier you are."

so with this in mind, i am so excited to highlight easy ways all of us can do good, spread positivity, and generally make the world a better place!

starting with, heifer international!

i helped raise money for heifer international with a group of people a few years ago and it is such a great program. it follows the "teach a man to fish" principle where, instead of simply donating money to an organization, you actually buy an animal(s) to give to a family. the organization helps that family learn how to properly care for the animal so it can provide food, wool, and offspring. the giving doesn't stop there! the first offspring of the animal then gets donated to another family in need. soon entire villages will have the livestock they need to be healthy and self-reliant.

this is an awesome one to do with a group, or with children. there are also a lot of monetary options. for instance, $20 buys a flock of chickens, $150 buys a llama, and $850 buys a camel!
you can see all of the other options in the catalogue here.

so there you have it! you can look forward to lots of other great ideas throughout november and december. i would also love it if you guys shared good causes, charities, and helpful ideas which you know about in the comments sections.

you can never spread too much love right?

ps - while we're on the topic of good deeds, i have my first interview today {eek!}, wish me luck!


  1. Kim, you're just fantastic. I love that in a season where most people are making lists of what they want, you're thinking about what you can give. Heifer International is a fantastic organization. I've been trying to give of my time as money is tight right now, but I'm definitely going to donate something. Even a little bit does make a difference.

  2. aww what a sweet post for sure! I give Heifer Int'l gifts so often, I'm so glad to see you know about them too :) My dad actually has volunteered with them and went down to Ecuador and saw how much the gift of one animal can help families in need. It's so spectacular :)

    PS my blog's gone private, but I want to add you as a vip! e-mail me your e-mail info so I can add you :) leahwinstead*at*yahoo

  3. I love this post. I am always inspired when I hear of all the selfless people out their.

    Good Luck Sweet Lady xoxo

  4. Good luck with the interview! And thanks for sharing about this organization. I might look into it and get the kids at school involved...

    You are a gem, Kim. Seriously.

  5. This is going to be a great series, I can just tell!

    And good luck on your interview! Sending you good thoughts!

  6. That's so awesome! I am loving that you are doing this. You should totally meet Punctuation Mark.

  7. Sounds like a great organization to be involved with. I'm sad that I don't make more time to give back to the commuity - I used to be more involved! ;( ... on another note, good luck in the interview, kick butt lady!

  8. I hope your interview went well!!! What a great charity to donate to! I love the idea for your new segment!

  9. I used to volunteer at a family shelter - and they said they were full of volunteers for Thanksgiving - a month and a half prior to the holiday. So yes, I understand what you mean by the increase in charitable works/giving.
    But...good luck with the interview!!!

  10. Heifer is one my favorite organizations. I have been meaning to donate to them...
    I love the idea of this series.
    Good luck with your interview.

  11. great post :) i did a random acts of kindness post a few weeks back inspired by my uncle... one small act can definitely cause a ripple affect!

    thanks for sharing

  12. What a beautiful idea for posts! You have such a big heart!