Friday, November 5, 2010


what a week this has been! it started with a chilly halloween and ended with a ridiculously hot November. it was 97 degrees on wednesday, can you believe it? i guess that's southern california for you. still not used to that. but i'm pretty grateful for getting to pull out my cute summer dresses again!

i'm also thankful for this:

{see? summer dress, flip flops... 90's. all week. in november.}

our new car!!!
well, new to us at least. i love her so much. she's a little volvo that i've named *bernadette. sometimes i call her nadette for short, and sometimes i call her etta. dannon hasn't approved any of these names yet, but i'm hopeful i'll win him over.

the scary part is driving. i honestly haven't driven in years and i feel like a teenager again - like i'm not really sure what i'm doing and could easily get distracted by any number of things and cause a fiery crash. look out los angelans! speaking of los angeles, what a place to relearn how to drive. i guess if i can master driving here i'll be set for anywhere. ...well, except maybe thailand.

i'm also thankful for:
+ fresh inspiration
+ popcorn & modern family
+ dannon's m. ward facial hair {it makes him look like robert downy jr. - swoon!}
+ good coffee {finally!}
+ kcrw's morning eclectic
+ finally getting an interview somewhere {a pre-school teaching position, set for next monday. wish me luck!}
+ almost-yellow lemons on our lemon tree
+ the hummingbirds who hang out by our door
+ fun weekend plans with good friends

one more thing - have you signed up for the great ornament swap on dolce vita yet? i just did yesterday and you should too! head over here to sign up. but don't wait too long, the sign ups end sunday, november 7!

have a happy weekend everyone!

* UPDATE:  okay, so i gave in and let the mr. have a say on the name of our car.  she's now sophie -  our sweet little sophie!


  1. Congratulations! It is the most darling car- and I love the names! I just called my car Roxy all the time even though my husband hated the name. Now he calls her Roxy and I got my way.

  2. Congrats on the new family addition -- and relearning how to drive (especially in Los Angeles). The car is definitely a Bernadette; when you have the right name, you just know.
    And good luck on the interview next week! It's fantastic you got one. I hope you love everything about it and they love everything about you (I'm sure they will). Have a fantastic adventure-filled weekend, Kim!

  3. Oh yay, I'm so glad you signed up for the ornament swap! It is so much fun! And maybe we'll get each other.

    I love that you named your car Bernadette. My first car was called Little Ed.I have no idea why...

    You have a lemon tree? Seriously? That is awesome.

    Good luck with your job interview. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get it.

    Happy Weekend, Kim! Enjoy that hot November sun (I really can't imagine...)

  4. your new car is GORGEOUS! I totally want my next car to be a volvo too! In the words of my friend Lauren, volvos are "timelessly classic" (she drives one of course lol).

  5. Oooh I love your pretty new car! You must be so excited! And I wish it was warmer here. I heard it's supposed to reach almost into the 60's this weekend and I was psyched for that!

    P.S. There may be something waiting for you over at my blog!

  6. Congrats on the new car, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you on Monday.
    I'm glad to see you decided to join the ornament swap!

  7. Aww cute car! I wish it was that hot here!

  8. sweet car! I have been wanted a volvo for a while myself. It is 47 degrees and dreary here. I would love just a little of your sunshine. Good luck on your interview.

  9. thanks for ur sweet comment on my blog.
    if you want to see more ghana photos i can email them!! :)
    oh and my first car was called Lola !!

  10. you have THE CUTEST style!!!

    i am still wishing you luck --- you'll do great!

    and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH with all my heart for mentioning my ornament swap :) whoever gets paired with you will be a LUCKY bird indeed ;)


  11. Loving your great gratitude list. Sending tons of good wishes your way for the interview!!!