Tuesday, November 9, 2010

dare to take risks

how else will you know:

your limits?
your capabilities?
your passions?
that you deserve amazing things?
that the world isn't full of chocolate covered bastards with bastard filling?
your favorite ways to have fun?
who your true friends are?
the love of your life?
who you really are?

just thought i'd share a little of the inspiration i've been needing lately.
risks are hard, aren't they? but so good for you. sometimes i need to remind myself of the reasons why.

happy risk-taking everyone!


  1. Risk are really hard. I was thinking about that today on my way to work. I am on the brink of a major life change and it is kinda scary. I keep thinking of reasons not to dive in but really its just fear of the unknown. Great post.

  2. I am a terrible risk taker. I like to play it safe. Maybe I need to step out of my box?

  3. I sometimes don't do well with change or risks, but when I have stepped out of the box they have been SO worth it! :).

    Great post!

  4. Great post and fun photo. I am so NOT a risk taker. But once in a while I surprise myself! (like when I decided to date a boy in London, even though I lived on the west coast of Canada, or when I joined a rowing club- and am terrified of the water!)

    Are you going to do a "This is my Tuesday" photo today?

  5. I agree, risk taking is important in life. After all, if you don't take risks how can you know who you really are? But sometimes I can take the most incredible risks (like giving up my job to go to New Zealand!) but other times I become so reticent about taking tiny little risks!! Must be more consistent!

  6. Risks are definitely a must in my life right now!

  7. fearless is my motto.

    i never want to regret not doing anything in life because i was scared.

  8. I've never thought to find who I truly am by doing something risky. I always just assumed who I am is someone who rarely takes risks. This is such a positive approach to life, now I just need to think of a risk to take...hmmm. =0)

  9. LOVE IT! everybody needs a little reminder...especially when life gets a bit mundane.

  10. excellent reminder. if we don't push ourselves, even just a little, we'll never know our limits - or experience life's highs!


  11. Kim, I adore you. You're such an inspiration. Daring to take risks is so important -- honestly, it's what life is all about.

  12. What a lovely and inspirational post! I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments!