Monday, April 19, 2010

oh what a beautiful morning!

it has been gorgeous lately in the bay area! it was in the 60's yesterday {which meant that everyone went outside in t-shirts and ate ice cream and lay around in the grass}. just beautiful!

my weekend was pretty chill. we roamed around the neighborhood, hung out in alamo square {one block from my house} and looked out over our city. and yup, that is the 'full house' park where the tanner family picnics in the opening credits. :)

then yesterday was my friend mike's birthday, so we all went out to pizza orgasmica. not only is the pizza there amazing, but the they also have suggestive names like 'doggy style,' 'hot mama,' and 'the virgin' {and on some nights they have belly dancers}.
it was great just sitting back and hanging out with friends on a work night {how gloriously irresponsible of me! :)}.
happy birthday mike!

oh what a yummy cake that was! chocolate truffle {gughle...}!

how was all of your weekends?


  1. that cake looks amazing!!
    I love lazy days lying on the grass!

  2. Haha, I would love to go to a restaurant like that. Love that picture in the park too. :)

    My weekend was enjoyable too, spent time at a swimming hole and doing Relay for Life. Good times!

  3. the pizza place sounds delish and like way too much fun! glad you had a grand weekend.

  4. That restaurant sounds so fun! I love the different names of the pizza!

    Full House~My favorite t.v. show, ever!

  5. My weekend was great. The perfect blend of lattes at Starbucks, working in the garden, not one but two successful runs, dinner out with a girlfriend, tidying up the house and watching Doctor Who...

    I just wish our weather had been as good as yours was down there in sunny California.

    Happy, happy Monday, Kim!

  6. OMG, what fun. I've always wanted to have a picnic in that park!

  7. Oh it's so gorgeous where you live! And yay for warm weather. My weekend was wonderful! I am traveling in South America at the moment so how could it not be! Glad you had a great weekend!


    p.s. Be sure to check out my Argentine Alpargatas (Tom's) giveaway! Only a few more days...

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  9. YUM! That cake looks delish!!! (LOVE your shoes too!!!)

  10. ahhhhh i love that full house park. can you believe i've never been?! i know! crazy!!!

    so is this weather...i love the sun but i heard the rain is coming tonight and tomorrow :(

  11. omg so cute!!! and I love the Full House park ;) fantastic cake!!

  12. that is hilarious!!!

    you & your mister are pretty much the cutest. f.y.i.

    ; )

    hugs to you beautiful!

  13. san francisco on warm weekends are just amazing!