Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oh the choices!

for my birthday {waaaay back in august} dannon gave me a gift card for a new record! i just started building a record collection, which has become one of my favorite little past times, but it's kind of expensive for an unemployed, post-grad gal like me. that means i have to choose my birthday record very carefully. {i'm so dramatic, i know!} i mean, i have to like the entire record, not just a few songs, and it has to correlate with my mood which craves listening to records in the first place - usually a very melancholy state of mind.

so here are my top picks:
jenny lewis with the watson twins - rabbit fur coat {an oldie, but goodie}

noah and the whale - first days of spring

eventually i want to get all of sufjan stevens' albums - maybe illinoise first

beirut - gulag orkestar

alexi murdoch - time without consequences

i already own she & him volume II and a record by readyville, my friend's band. fun stuff!

eventually i'd LOVE to add to my album collection some regina spektor, ingrid michaelson, joanna newsom, ben sollee, allie moss, iron & wine, bon iver, rosi golan, the national, ray lamontagne, jonsi, sigur ros, and radiohead. okay, so apparently i'm going to have a massive record collection!

for now i just have to find that perfect third record. . . well, that and a job. ;)

have you heard these albums? what would your top record choice be?


  1. I don't know any of these albums or bands. I have some serious music catching-up to do. Anything you'd suggest I start with?

  2. I know some of these albums, but not all, I'll have to check them out :)

    ps. I’m giving away a hand knit scarf, stop by and enter! Good luck!! :)

  3. Fun! I have always wanted to have a record collection. I have heard most of the albums except for the beirut. It depends on your mood I like jenny lewis and the watson and alexi murdoch. I think they are most like the people you would like to add to your collection. Although, they are all similar. Preview the tracks on itunes or amazon. This is exciting. We are like musical twins. P.S. Love the wedding pictures at the top of the page. Too Cute!

  4. Wow. I am so out of touch. I've never even heard of any of these! Better get on that...

  5. I have to admit: I don't recognize many of the bands you mention here... but the few that do, I love so I'll have to pick the others up, too :)

    (I do love me some Iron and Wine, Ray Lamontagne, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, and what I've heard of Regina Spektor). My friend owns a record store if you're ever out on the east coast! There's nothing quite like the sound of a record on a record player. I just love the soft scratches and light static :)

  6. i always look to your posts on music to guide me to good music! aka my new favorites!

    you've got fantastic taste, lady!

  7. My mom gave away her old record player a few years back and a bunch of albums, I'm kicking myself for letting her do that! PS: LOVE the new blog banner!!! So cute!

  8. My brother loves records too. I'm not much help, I haven't heard of these bands but I'd pick one with a pretty cover, hehe.

    I LOVE your header by the way, seriously your pictures are SO cute.

  9. We are music twins, just so you know... I mean, I think we've already established that but it's good to be sure :)

    I have a little suitcase record player that my parents got me during college... and I have to tell you that I love listening to my old records on it. It's just the way those songs were meant to be heard, you know?? My favorites are Carol King's Tapestry, Crosby Stills Nash and Young's So long, and everything Simon and Garfunkel. And the Electric Light Orchestra and all Cat Stevens... I could go on and on! Most of my record collection is still in my parents' basement, but I have about 50 records that have moved with me countless times.

    Even a year later, I can't get enough of First Days of Spring, so you should definitely get that. We have Breath Owl Breath's Ghost Glacier on vinyl, and love it. They are a local Michigan band, but knowing your music tastes, you will love them! Hmm... I can't get enough of Jonsi's new stuff, so you should probably get that on vinyl, too. Ha!

    (woah...i always write you novels in the comment section!)

  10. I love Beulah and you would, too, I think. Very fun and poppy.

    About your life, I've been thinking the same thing. The word extraordinary pops into my head. What can I do in my life that is extraordinary? How can I make the most out of life?

  11. I totally vote for Beirut, but may be biased because that is my favorite band in the world!!!