Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rain, rain, you can stay...

...at least for just a couple more days! i'm actually LOVING all the rain and fog and cool{ish} weather we've been having in l.a. it finally feels a little like fall, and just a wee bit like san francisco. i even got to pull out the ole yellow galoshes!

the dark, rainy days has also made me really excited because it makes for perfect tea weather, or curl-up-with-a-good-book weather. it also makes for some lovely hiking weather! yup, we've been going hiking lately in griffith park. i love how close we are to such easy walking trails in nature. plus, you know, there are such great views!

here's the hollywood sign:

and here's a view of downtown:

you'll have to forgive me, i'm not the best photographer... seriously though, it's actually quite lovely to walk in griffith park on yucky days because there are very few people there and we saw about a dozen coyotes throughout our hike! Nature!!!

this weather has also made for great baking weather! i whipped up some mini pumpkin pies this weekend, which were perfect for sharing. i also tried making chai lattes from scratch... i made a bunch of different versions... and they were all incredibly disgusting! ah well, i guess i'm not so good with the tea. i'll just stick to the pies.

what's your favorite thing to do when it's rainy?


  1. I'm loving the rain as well. Finally it feels like fall in San Diego. I've been watching old movies and snuggling up with my baby and my dogs.

  2. I like to stay indoors and watch the rain at night - feeling cozy while sipping on warm tea.
    And I like coming in from the rain - its just the best feeling in the world...safe and comfortable and that delicious blast of warm air...
    Cute galoshes by the way!

  3. It's true -- this weather really is ideal for staying indoors and baking. But I wouldn't mind a wee bit of sun...or a pair of rainboots (mine are in NJ).

  4. love the boots. Rain is perfect for a hot drink and daydreaming. Sometimes, it puts me in mind to knit(my never ending blanket project).

  5. You are way too adorable! I love that photo of you and you are making me want to reread every book I have and drink some cocoa.

  6. ahaha!! i love the foggy / rainy weather - great for tea drinking (agreed!) and a perfect excuse to be lazy, read and watch movies all day long!

  7. I love your boots!!

    And this is the first time I have seen the new header! I LOVE!!! So precious!!!


  8. SUPER CUTE BLOG MAKEOVER. Saw your update on twitter. :) I'm with you girl! Even if it's a little bit chilly I actually appreciate the numbness in my fingers while waiting for a bus. It means fall has arrived and I can start to wear cute hats, scarves, and gloves! Today has been a cuddle/eat pizza day! Actually I had a headache so I was a little taken care of. We're getting to weather that is perfect for board games and potluck dinners! Love it!

  9. First, you are the absolute cutest ever!! I love the rainboots and your pose!

    Second, your new header is FAB!! I love the shots from your wedding. Hopefully you two lovebirds are still adoring the journey...

    Oh, and when it rains, I love taking walks. Something about being surrounded by rain, yet safe and dry under an umbrella is so soothing to me. I also love a good puddle-jumping. I guess I'm sill a 5 year old at heart :)

  10. Hooray for rainy days, boots and scarves and lattes!

    And for your fabulous blog makeover. I love all the photos! They are fantastic...

  11. HA I like reading and staying inside sometimes, but risking it to go to starbucks and read.