Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sweet solitude

days are grey and short.
a cold chill brings raindrops and snowflakes.
the world turns inward toward fireplaces and piles of blankets.
cozy inside, pouring hot tea, 
pulling on warm woolies, 
and curling up with a furry loved one.
time has slowed now.
even as the world races on with shopping, parties, and family gatherings,
you have escaped, found solace.
this is the time to be alone, to feel, to sit quietly, to dance in bare feet.
all is allowed, and all is for you.

alone in november by kuyla lah on Grooveshark



  1. I was able to enjoy some solitude on Monday afternoon, sitting on a bench for half an hour watching the leaves fall. Even as a people person I like to take some time out here and there to just relax, think, and enjoy life a little bit. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday Kim and looking forward to running through your playlist today!

  2. The day is gray with rain falling this morning. Being at home snuggled up with a great book would be perfect in my eyes, for today!

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, Kim!

  3. Ooo! That JVM cover! I clicked on his song first because I love him, and it's fabulous. Now on to listen to the other songs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. oh my gracious. this playlist is stellar. the trapeze swinger has long been a favorite iron & wine song for me...that and "passing afternoon." this is a fabulous gray day mix:)

  5. Beautiful post. So therapeutic. I love my alone time. I think it comes from spending so much time alone in general. Love this music.

  6. Sweet solitude is right. I love driving alone sometimes. But what I really came to say is your playlist rocks! They always do : )

  7. Beautiful playlist! It's perfect for a gray day like today

  8. Love the reminder to seek solace. Find contentment. How easily we forget that it's our choice to do this.

    Loving the playlist!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  9. I really want to hear this playlist but my phone isn't cooperating and I have no sound on this computer (bangs head). Oh well, will have to check in later. Is that a new Mumford tune?

    Love moments of solace and quiet and dancing :)

  10. I've definitely been craving some solitude. This girl needs a lot of alone time.

  11. This is so so beautiful,and definitely made me crave a bit of solitude!

  12. very very pretty and true. i have been curling up with books, cups of tea and my kitty all week as well!


  13. Making my way through your playlist, it's cold and rainy outside...going to make a cup of hot time :)

  14. Really beautiful songs!Love them all!What a great collection!And nice photo!