Friday, November 18, 2011


experimental baking
having a head full of new ideas
becoming a meat-eater again and feeling so much healthier
my education {dear U of San Francisco: you were wicked expensive, but you prepared me better than most other people i've met in my field. thanks for being more than worth it.}
working for a clinic that required us to dress up in costume for our meeting {fun!}
winning several prizes at said work meeting {double fun!}
taking one very giant huge step forward
watching my to-do list shrink to nothing
this video {for all the dog lovers}
my morning pages
quiet times

that's what i'm thankful for this week. how about you?

{you can buy this beautiful print from yelena bryksenkova}


  1. I love that elephant print!

    I'm grateful for a flexible, easy work schedule, cool Fall days, and dinner plans with the hubby tonight!

    Happy Friday!

  2. The elephant print is magical.

    I'm grateful i've been feeling better enough to go to yoga yesterday (and today!).

  3. yay for winning work contests! i'm thankful for a weekend in the mountains, and the time to take deep breaths of cool air.

  4. I'm thankful for my pup this week, he's such a cutie.

  5. These are my favorite of your posts--I think I say that every week. :) I'm interested in your transition to meat-eating! I've been a vegetarian for like . . . 16 years, but I think it really does depend on your body/blood type. I would eat meat if I wanted or craved it, but I've just never really liked it, even as a kid. Did you slowly start integrating fish and chicken, or just all of it altogether? Either way, I'm really glad you're feeling healthier!

    I wish my to-do list would shrink, but that would require some days off! Fortunately, there are a few coming my way next week. I'll be busy with Thanksgiving preparations, but at least I won't have to go to work!


  6. I did a gratitude list today, too. You're on it!

    Happy Weekend, Kim.

  7. Food for thought (ha.) concerning the vegetarianism thing:

    It's from a blog that advocates clean beauty products and such, but it covers many lifestyle issues, too. One of the authors recently gave up vegetarianism in favor of some conscientious meant-eating and is feeling much better, too!

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. happy to read your lovely little list! missing your updates and can't wait to catch up on my favorite blogs more soon!

    happy to see all is well!


  9. Congrats on the huge step forward! (I'm wondering if it has to do with the small email/giant step.) Either way...hooray!! :)

    I remember you said that you were eating a little bit of meat at work. I didn't know you had transitioned into eating meat "full time" again. I can't imagine experiencing the texture of it again, but I would love to hear how you're doing with it. I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling healthier.

    So...after Thanksgiving...let's hike and catch up!

  10. I am grateful for the command to go forth and be awesome, my husband, the food I eat, the family that loves me.

  11. Congratulations Kim! :D Such a happy news. Im looking forward on going back to school next year, too.

    Ps. Nice art. Elephant is a lucky charm. For someone who also traveled to Thailand, you know that. Happy weekend! ;)

  12. glad im not the only one that felt healthier after i stopped trying to be a vegetarian. and that elephant print is awesome. :)

  13. I'm thankful for a short work week this week!

    That print is gorgeous!

  14. Oh, I just love that elephant print :)

    I'm thankful for your list and that you have so many wonderful goodies in your life. And I'm thankful for the one who recently stepped into my life and the return of butterflies.

  15. that's so cool that you got to dress up in costume! Ahh I can totally relate to the vegetarian thing, I was vegetarian for two years and have never been more sick and miserable. Then I started eating fish again and it has made such a huge difference!!!

  16. Ok, so I have a new rule: never let a weekday go by without reading kim's blog. I missed you so much last week. I feel out of the loop, like I didn't get my daily dose of goodness.

    As for the meat-eating, it's why I'm not 100% vegetarian. I eat mostly that way, but I listen to my body and when it craves chicken or turkey or fish, I eat that. I think the key is being in tune with your desires.

  17. Eating meat again, huh? I've contemplated it secretly, but ever since I started eating fish again I've been satisfied.

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