Friday, November 4, 2011


another friday has come, 
another week behind us, 
and plenty of new reasons to be filled with gratitude.

this week i'm thankful for:
sparks of inspiration
my countertop dishwasher
more fresh flowers from the mister
leftover halloween reese's peanut butter cups
awesome things to look forward to next week
my very first anthropologie purchase {thanks sales rack!}
seeing the first of the red starbucks cups, meaning it's officially holiday season
new job prospects for the mister {fingers crossed please}
laughter, even when life feels overwhelming and hard
reminders that i made the right decision
that it is now november
my electric toothbrush

i hope you all have an amazing weekend full of love, adventure, and relaxation!

PS - does anyone have a good recommendation for candles that smell like baked goods?  i want my house to smell like cinnamon rolls and/or pie at all times over the next couple months and i don't think actually baking a pie once a day is good for my health.  any brands that truly scent the whole room?  thanks friends!

what are you thankful for this week?


  1. that i'm finally well from a bad flu. :)

    "sparks of inspiration" -- oh how i <3 that!

    happy weekend kim!

  2. I love Starbucks Red Holiday cups, the make me feel all cozy inside! :).

    I'm thankful it's the weekend, it's been a long week! Ready for some rest!

  3. Have you ever used a Scentsy warmer? They're not something you can run down to the store and buy, but I LOVE mine! It uses a light bulb to warm scented wax and it definitely fills your entire room with whatever fragrance you choose. I can't wait to order another one and more scents...

  4. Crossing my fingers for the mister and getting the new job! =)

    I'm thankful for: good friends, getting to listen to christmas music while making dinner last night, and fridays (always and forever!)

    I really like Gold Canyon candles. They have awesome holiday scents. My favorite is Days of Christmas but they have some pumpkin pie scents and one called Sugar Cookie. yum!!

  5. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for the mister!

    And the evil empire, Wal-Mart, sells sooo many baked candle things.

  6. I adore Yankee Candle but they're pretty expensive. Target's got some good candles too.

  7. 1. fingers crossed for you and the mister!
    2. I have never bought anything from anthro, just drooled...there are no stores anywhere near me.
    3. Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. Did you know that Trader Joe's peanut butter cups are made by Reeses? This is the great knowledge I get listening to Uhh Yeah Dude. They are a lot cheaper if you are a Reese's addict!

    Good luck to the Mister.

    In terms of candles check out etsy.

    AJs Country Cottage has cinnamon bun scented candles!


  9. -family
    -boyfriend being in town
    -fall weather
    -halloween candy
    -the feeling of knowing the holidays are coming

  10. Gotta say that I think Yankee candles are the best. They're kinda expensive, but sometimes you can get them cheaper at places like TJ Maxx or Ross. They smell so good! Also, the plug in things work pretty well, and I even have drops that I put on top of lightbulbs in lamps that make the whole room smell delicious! (I get the drops at the Body Shop, I think).

    Yay for Friday and for gratitude! I'm grateful for my dad being in town this weekend!! He comes to Napa every November for a culinary conference, so I'm packin' up my guy and my roommate and we're headed to wine country. FUN!

  11. I just love Anthropologie. They have some awesome products that you don't see anywhere else. I love unique items.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Try the candles at Bath and Body Works! They smell AMAZING.

    I love your list, as usual. You're a wonderful person.

  13. kim, I love your lisst. I am grateful for cuddling, cooking, books, and opportunities. Have a swell weekend.

  14. oh, yes! WORD to those peanut butter cups and red SB coffee cups! had my first one last week.

    i don't know any specific brands, but i had a pumpkin spice candle that smelled really good :)

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  15. I love your gratitude lists. They always rings true! As for yummy smelling candles, I bought a pumpkin pie candle (just a little votive) at Whole Foods, and it's pretty awesome. It's also cheaper and waay easier than baking pie all the time. :)

  16. besides my family... ha! i'm thankful my friendship with a good friend is back to where it was a while ago... hope you had a great weekend!

  17. Ooh I love peanut butter cups more than anything and they are hard to find here. Very jealous. And since you mentioned yummy smelling candles I have been googling them all day! New obsession I think. Good luck to your guy! xoxo

  18. wonderful list, kim. funny thing about candles, i am looking for one that does NOT smell like any type of food or food related smell, but anyways the body shop had tons of baked good smelling candles last time i was there :)

  19. Nest Candles seems to be especially fragrant. I bet they make something seasonal-appropriate.

    xx Noe

  20. Fingers crossed for the mister and NOOOOO! Am I the only one not ready for holiday season?! It's crazy that it's sneaking up on us like this!