Thursday, October 20, 2011

let's get on to the important stuff

you know, the stuff that matters... what you're going to be for halloween!

there's only 1.5 weeks before the big night.  crazy isn't it?  the other day i was reminiscing some of my favorite halloween memories from when i was a kid.  i always loved this holiday.  what's not to love about dressing up in creative costumes, wandering around with your friends late at night, then eating a bunch of chocolate when you get home?  and now that i'm an adult, i get to throw in dance parties and spiked cider.  yup, puh-retty fun!

so okay, let's get down to business.  what are you going to dress up as?
or are you having trouble coming up with ideas? in case you need a bit of inspiration, here's a little help...

{diy rag doll costume using yarn, felt, & hair combs.}

personally, i'm a fan of the clever homemade costume.  one of my ideas is to have someone dress up like a giant elephant to follow me around everywhere, only we would never ever talk about it.  if people inquire about the giant elephant, i would quickly change the subject or beat around the bush. "oh, um... yeah... hey look over there!" dannon's idea is to go as complimentary colors.  he'd be blue, i'd be green, and we'd walk around saying things like, "i just love your costume!" and "you are an awesome dancer!"

{diy owl costume made from a pillowcase. decorate a mask from the craft store to complete the look.}

of course, there's also the route of classic characters, like fraggle rock or jem.  one year we went to bay to breakers as the beastie boys from the sabotage music video {yes, i went in drag}.  or there's the barely-any-effort-at-all costumes.  perhaps wear a lampshade on your head and call yourself a one nightstand {get it?}, or throw together any of jim's costumes from "the office."

{rosie the riveter - such a simple but classic costume.}

you could also get creative with clothes you already own.  one year i put on all the striped items i could find in my closet and made a crazy name tag with "Dr. Seuss, PhD."  i attempted to solve people's emotional problems with silly creatures and rhyming.  another idea is to wear all black, attach socks and
underpants all over your clothes, and frizz up your hair to be "static cling." funny right?

so those are a few of my ideas.
 how about yours?


  1. Ha ha - loved the color and elephant idea -so fun.
    We have only recently started celebrating Halloween in Denmark - think the american and brit influences have finally arrived. We have another time a year when the kids dress up and 'trick or treat' - 'Fastelavn' is the name and it is to celebrate the end of lent. Loved it - I was always a princess or a fairy - still am ha ha;O)
    Love the ragdoll too.
    Happy halloween,

  2. i love halloween. my daughter's bday is nov 1st, so we normally celebrate on halloween. but i'm always so busy getting everything ready for the parties that i forget about my costume!! i usually resort to just a wig!


  3. Haha! Complementary (or complimentary?!) colors would be awesome! And I just cracked up so hard about the elephant thing. Halloween brings out the funnies in you, lady!

    I haven't dressed up in about six years. I have no desire. I just want to eat candy.

  4. Complimentary colors is a HILARIOUS idea, and you'll be extra popular for being so nice to everyone :-)

  5. Haha, Kim, you crack me up!! :) I love the giant elephant and the complimentary colors ;) SO FUNNY! And oh, I've been wanting to go to Bay-to-Breakers forever! I hear that every year there's a group dressed as salmon that go against the crowd, haha :) I'm definitely a fan of funny/clever costumes. I love static cling. I had a friend who wanted to attach as much stuff to her as possible and be the lost & found. One of Mardy's biggest hits for a costume was dressing up as a shower (a la "Karate Kid") that he made himself. He walked into the party with the curtains drawn, and when he opened them, the crowd went wild :)

    Too bad I won't be here to celebrate Halloween this year :( It's one of my favorite holidays!! Can't wait to see what you & Dannon will be! :)

  6. I saw a girl on campus the other day dressed as a bubblegum dispenser! She wore red pants, a white tee, and used plastic wrap to wrap her torso with multicolored balloons. I guess someone had an early halloween party...

    I really like the elephant idea. It nearly made me laugh out loud, but I'm in the library!

  7. hehehe you are creative! I like your ideas! =)

    Last year I was a peacock. This year I'm going as a zombie ballernia! =)

  8. I LOVE THESE. Please do the elephant in the room.

  9. I have red hair and for a few years now I've wanted to go as a candle - wear all white/cream, wrap black fabric around my neck, and somehow make my hair stand straight up in flame shape. :) As soon as I figure out how to make my hair do that, I'm on it. Last year I walked around snapping all day. (get it? get it?) I was a Ginger Snap. I passed out cookies to people who guessed it correctly. :)

  10. I love your ideas! I generally think I'm a creative person, but I often have a hard time with Halloween costumes. I was Cupid a few years ago and that was pretty adorable--I had a short, white, Grecian dress, a bow & arrow, red felt hearts, leaves in my hair & around my ankles, & silver sandals. :)

    This year I'm teaching at the prison on actual Halloween, but I think I still want a costume for the weekend prior. Gotta come up with something!


  11. Your ideas are fantastic!! And complimentary colours and one nightstand made me laugh so much. My brother last year went around holding up a sign that said 'Go Ceiling!' (ceiling fan), I love costumes like that. I can't wait to see what you dress up as this year!

  12. Kim, you're brilliant. I love your ideas. Sadly, I don't think I'm going to have much of a party this Halloween since it will only be my second week at the new job and I won't really be settled into the apartment yet. Next year though, I'm going all out.

  13. hahah static cling! that is so great. i never have good costume ideas actually. i think it's always something last minute. as usual, halloween snuck up on me, so i haven't even given it any thought!

  14. I love the idea about the complimentary colours! That is awesome.

    The elephant in the room is a pretty fantastic costume idea too.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to dress up this year or not. But my boys have their costumes all planned out- Dylan's a paleontologist and Sawyer's the dinosaur he's going to "dig up!"

  15. These are such great ideas! I love them all :) I'm not sure I'll have a chance to get dressed up this year (engagement party Saturday night) and I don't have plans for Monday (and try to avoid the city on that day, personally) but I definitely want to do something. I may have to recycle last year's Rainbow Brite costume. That was cute!

  16. i read the reg doll post on a beautiful mess. if i was going to a party i would totally do that!

  17. Ha! Love the ideas and inspiration. While I'm going to default to your interests, I will say my husband and I went as a sperm and an egg one year and it was fantastically hysterical. He pretended to be swimming into me all night, which at some point became really funny. If you want details for the outfits, I can provide. It's easy-breezy.

    In the meantime, I can offer inspiration for decorations here:

  18. I cannot believe October is almost over! But that's okay, because Halloween is always so much fun. My roommates and I are dressing up as the Flintstones. Photos coming later this week!

  19. Please remove the Rosie the Riveter image you have used without permission.