Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a handy tip for the easily distracted

do you find yourself easily distracted?  are you often doing 4 different things at once, none which are the things you need to be doing?  are you longing for freedom?  you are not alone, and there is help.
here's a handy tip for the easily distracted:

{Miranda July: The Future on}

pure brilliance right?! i laughed out loud when i first saw this.  funny, because it's true.

i'm a huge fan of miranda july.  everything i've heard her say about art and the human condition has been pure brilliance, so i was excited to find this clip working its way around the blogosphere.  this was a deleted scene from miranda july's newest film "the future,"  which i'm pretty interested in seeing.  has anyone seen it yet?  have any other handy tips for finding freedom from distractions?

happy productive wednesday!


  1. I actually plan time for distraction. "Oh that paper's due monday, I'll start working on it two weeks in advance so there is time for procrastination and then I'll still finish it a week early"

  2. Except how will she get her precious thing once she's done being free? Because I know I'd still manage to spill all over the place, lol.

  3. That's funny- you're about the 5th blog I've read today about getting things done/ not feeling motivated/ being tired. It must be a hump day theme :)

  4. Such a funny video, but it won't work if you have cats. My hostage would be killed almost immediately.