Friday, October 14, 2011


oreo milkshakes
my incredibly sweet and supportive husband
sleeping in super late on my days off
having days off in the first place
staying healthy when everyone around me is sick [knock on wood]
midnight bowls of cheerios
finding a/c on 100 degree days
the songbirds who sing in the middle of the night
cool autumn days which i know have got to be just around the corner
shopping sprees with leftover birthday and christmas money
finally finishing a project i began last halloween
the beautiful bouquet of flowers the mister gave me after a rough day
trader joe's brownie bites with sea salt {mmm!}
successfully managing yet another week

{yay!! print by jon klassen}

it has been a very, incredibly, ridiculously busy week for me, and the busyness will likely continue through the weekend.  there are, however, so many wonderful things amidst the chaos of life for which we can be thankful.  these were just a few from my list, how about yours?


  1. First off, that print is incredibly cute! Also, their is nothing like late night bowls of cereal. I'm thankful for those around me you shower me with love, kindness and support.

  2. i love every single one of these! especially nighttime songbirds. you just put me in a great mood:)

  3. Yesterday I was like "Kim! Where are you!" but I didn't want to bug. And now I'm craving myself a bowl of cheerios.

  4. ooooh midnight bowl of cherries would totally hit the spot for me. I'm totally a midnight snack kind of person.

    - Sarah

  5. It's wonderful that even in the midst of complete chaos, you can stop and enjoy all the little things that make life so good, isn't it?

    Hope your weekend is marvellous, despite the busy-ness!

  6. i love spontaneous exercise dates with my girlfriend. went to my first zumba class last night!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  7. Gratitude: coffee (always), girlfriends, SF weather, looking forward to a weekend off, my health (& strength), the coming holidays. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim! I hope you get some rest this weekend, although I totally understand the feeling of eternal busyness. I usually feel like I can't catch up no matter what. Here's to some peace for both of us!

  8. That drawing is so cute!
    I hope your next week is a little easier.

  9. wow - an oreo milkshake sounds delish!

  10. that print is adorable. i want it!

    your lists always raise my positivity level. thank goodness for days off and milkshakes and everything you just mentioned above.

    have a great weekend :)

  11. I hope things begin to quiet down for you after this weekend. And what is this Halloween project you finally finished?

  12. Oreo milkshakes! Yum!

    I downed a pint of cookies and cream ice cream last night, so that should probably go on my list. : )



  13. Awwww you have songbirds :) Love all the items on this list.

    And what a sweet print that is.

  14. i'm actually taking some time off with the family... it's quite relaxing because it's been raining non-stop since i got here 2 days ago... hope you're having a nice one!

  15. Yum, oreo milkshakes and cherries? Sounds like a good week :) I hope you get some time for yourself soon, and that things get a bit more relaxing. xoxo

  16. You and Dannon = true love. :)

    Really nice print!

  17. This post made me giggle :-) A pop up book of phobias is just genius!

  18. Doh! Posted under the wrong post - a sign that it is indeed Monday

  19. I know how that goes. I have been super busy lately. I guess it is just regular busy but I am hoping that it is tapering off some.Lovely list.