Thursday, July 21, 2011

so sweet

i've had a real sweet tooth all week.

it started with discovering this sweet shop, upper metal class, at the renegade craft fair. 
it's full of the most amazing, delicate, and feminine jewelry.  
i'm so in love! 

 {dear husband, if you're reading this, might i suggest something here as a 1 year anniversary gift?  these are all far cheaper than the last piece of jewelry you gave me to symbolize our love.}


then last night i watched the super sweet movie "ceremony."  
it's so well done and really shows the beauty that comes with growing up.
i absolutely loved it.


i've also been filling the house with the sweet tunes of this playlist
{some lovely favorite songs of the moment}:

what sweet things have you been loving this week?


  1. been loving picnics at the beach, sunsets, and iced coffees :)


  2. "Ceremony" trailer has my mind spinning with curiosity. Why does Sam looks like being in the 80's while the rest are quite "normal" looking?!

    Really you find the sweetest things... I wonder if we'll have the film on our cinemas or I'll have to dig for the DVD at Amazon?

    Seems a nice movie to mark this Summer. I always have a movie that is my Summer Movie, so when I remember that Summer the scenes, musics, characters of the movie are part of it.

    I can't understand why so seldom we see a girly crush with Uma, she certainly should belomg to a top...

    I'm recovering from something and I'll have the in laws (major stress) for Sunday Lunch. Having lots of fun of preparing things that will fall short with my mil ;).

  3. Upper Metal Class is brilliant. I totally adore their necklaces and earrings:) Have a fantastic Thursday:)

  4. wishing i could have gone to the craft fair while in la...but we were jammed packed with plans. thanks for the suggestion though! =)

  5. That movie will be the next movie I watch.

    Sweet things for me this week:

    1. I have come across the best fruit this week. All deliciously sweet

    2. My toes being painted perfectly pink in OPI's Chapel of Love

    3. Falling asleep in my boyfriend's lap during a movie last night

    4. My obsession with the Christian the Lion Youtube video. If you haven't seen it, check it out immediately

    5. These flowers where I work called Fragrant Delights. They are a beautiful rich purple and strongly smell of vanilla


  6. Oh I love the necklaces - I have to give my husband a wish list for gifts- haha because getting him to go shopping beyond the computer is challenging.

  7. oo i like the jewellery. going to listen to your playlist. wonder when the ceremony will come out in the UK.
    this week i have been loving:

    beyonces new song best thing i never had.
    sweet conversations with friends :)
    and a new novel 'the help' that ive just started about the life of african american maids in the south in the 1960s

  8. What pretty jewellery!!!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on the internship!!!! I am so so happy for you!!! It's so wonderful that everything has worked out :)

  9. Eating ice cream by the lake, watching my boys ride their bikes on dirt roads, drinking diet Coke in the sunshine as I sit and chat with sister, in side by side adirondack chairs... aaah, holidays are sweet!!!

  10. Oohhh good way to hint to the hubby..

    I'm currently enjoying this sweetened ice coffee in front of me (I usually drink my coffee w/ just a bit of soy so this is a treat) and am very much excited over a sweet little skirt I got yesterday.. now loving euphoria. Thanks for the list!

  11. i love these geometric pieces! andddd, i already commented on the last post, but can i say congrats again?! :)

  12. Here's hoping your husband picks up on the jewelry-themed hint!

  13. I am enjoying a glass of feijoa cider by the fire on a cold winter's night - but the pendant on the right-hand side of your picture would also make me happy. :-)

  14. fun playlist :) enjoyed it! and i must see this movie. *checking trailer now*