Thursday, July 7, 2011

gather round folks!

it's time to get to know each other a little better.
last week i won the best blogger award from torie and eleanor {thanks sweet ladies!!}.
you guys know the drill...

this me:

and these are 7 random facts about me:
1. i'm only 5 ft tall, which i love, and look 10 years younger than i am, which i HATE {yes, i am an adult!!}.
2. i am often completely ridiculous.
3. for most people air is the most necessary thing that keeps them alive, for me it's music.
4. i tend to get obsessed with a new thing each week, then promptly move on to something else come the following week.
5. i love studying world religions, although i do not belong to any of them.
6. i don't really fit in anywhere, and that's exactly how i like it.
7. i firmly believe that the world would be a better place if we all decided to challenge our own thinking.

and now, i hereby pass this award on to all of you! 
no seriously.  i've grown my little numbers on this blog by whole heaps, but i don't know all of you very well.  so share some facts with me!  i would love to get to know you,... getting to know all about yooouuu!

speaking of obsessions {no. 4}, this week i am completely obsessed with zee avi!!

she is a fabulous singer/songwriter from malaysia and i completely fell head over heels in love with her music. her tunes are just the sweetest, her voice is smooth like buttah, and she plays many of her songs on the ukulele!  oh yes, definitely my kind of gal.

i recommend cleaning your house, putting on a cute dress, and getting real comfortable like, maybe with a glass of wine and a loved one? then pressing play below.  and if it lures you to dance barefoot in your living room, all the better!

Zee Avi


  1. such a great post. i didnt realise you are only 5 ft! xo

  2. getting to know you better is so much fun.

    As for me,

    1) I am 5'4"
    2) I tend to cry watching movies. I cried watching transformers #1 last week, I don't know why I got so emotional when the yellow car introduced all his transformers friends to the boy
    3) I have 2 sisters and one brother

  3. I just love your love for music!

    I'm almost 5'2. A giant, really.

  4. I am SO with you on #5. I think you might know that I got a minor in religion while I was in college. I find belief and the beautiful aspects of religion overwhelmingly positive it's just the specifics that get us caught up. :)

    I just read the Life of Pi and it had many religious overtones. At one point he called himself a muslim, christian, and hindu and no one could explain to him why he couldn't be all three.

    I'll have to do a post on this soon. Torie tagged me and I'm falling behind with posts! AH!

    Thanks Kim, it's nice to learn more about you too!

  5. When I tell people at work that I'm 27 they always say that I totally don't look it. Looking younger than I am used to make me not very happy but I know the older I get the more I'll like it ;-)

  6. You're adorable, Kim :) I'm with you on a lot of your numbers - I'm 5'3 and tend to be towered over :) I also think religion is fascinating, though I'm not religious. I do get obsessed about something and then lose steam (which is one of my worst habits!). And something else random about me...because a lot of my family and friends are in Taiwan, I feel like my heart is cracked in two, a piece of me longing for there and a piece of me belonging here. No matter where I am, a part of me still longs for the other place...sad, but not really :) I've learned that it's good to have many homes, with many people who love you :)

  7. I beat you by one inch on the height, but I also look much much younger than I am. Infact last week someone even said I could be 12. I'm almost 21!!
    And whenever someone says how young I look they aways follow it up with 'you'll be thankful when you're 40' Yeah, that doesn't help a lot right now.

    Oh, and I love everyting I've read about your wedding. Kazoo sing-a-long = stroke of genious!!

  8. 1. I grew up not listening to modern music. My dad didn't have CDs until 1995!! I have always been drawn to music of his generation, although, I have modernized some of my taste :)

    2. I dont allow myself to play board games bc a) i am a cheater b) i am over competitive

    3.One time I put ear plugs in my ears when we were camping and I woke up the next morning and one of them was gone. I thought it had fallen out. a year later when I couldnt hear out of my left ear I went to the doctor and found out it had be lodged into my inner year for quite some time. ouch.

    4.when I was pregnant i couldnt make it to the bathroom and I threw up on our coffee table (I like to tell everyone that) we still have the coffee table

    5. I have an obsession with perfect eyebrows

    6. I am a total food snob.

  9. I loved reading all of these lovely things about you! The picture of you playing the kazoo is quite precious. And yes for all of the short ladies out there! I am barely 5'3 :-)

  10. I love the fun facts!

    I'm also incredibly curious about the religions of the world. Studying the religions of other nations is one of the best ways to understand people.

    Every time I read about, or see a photo from, your wedding I think, "This gal knows what's important in life." I love your style!

  11. Oh Kim...

    You and your blog challenge me to be a better person! I simply adore you.

  12. Thanks for the wonderful facts, you are just the cutest person!!!

  13. You're so great. I love that you're 5 feet tall. :)

  14. I just came across your blog! I love it!
    A few fun facts about me: At 5'7 I'm the shortest one in my family! When I was 8 I was hit with a golf ball in mini golf and had to get stitches haha. Annd a lot of people don't realize that I really love to paint/draw!


  15. You have such a great outlook on life - very inspiring!

    As for me...

    1. My senior year in college I interviewed to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

    2. I hate olives

    3. I'm kinda scared of the dark

    4. I love eating salads but hate making them - all that chopping is so tedious!

    5. I'm embarassingly sad that the Harry Potter series is coming to an end!

  16. you are so cute, all 5 ft of you! ;)

    my first introduction to zee avi (who is gorgeous!) was "honey bee"-- it was on a mixed cd i got and i could have sworn she was norah jones at first. now i'm excited to hear some of her other stuff so thank you!!!


  17. I loved getting to know you better! :) I am completely ridiculous and love studying world religions too! :)

    <3 Belly B

  18. Kimbirdy--love knowing a little bit more about you! Will definitely be doing this sometime soon.

    I love Zee! She has the most amazing voice I have ever heard!

  19. oye, love zee avi. Her music is so full of personality.

  20. "for most people air is the most necessary thing that keeps them alive, for me it's music."

    <And this is why I feel we are kindred spirits :)