Thursday, June 30, 2011

life inspiration ~ remember to slow down

"Slow down and enjoy life.  It's not only the scenery 
you miss by going too fast - you also
 miss the sense of where you are going and why."
                                         - eddie cantor, artist and humanitarian

where are you headed today?
what is the ultimate goal?
and are you paying attention to the beauty that surrounds you?

these are the things i'll be considering today as i:
- run errands,
- catch up with loved ones,
- and let the mister cut my hair
{the ultimate test of trust in a relationship}.


  1. "the sense of where you are going and why" ~ it is always the sweet and adventurous longing to discover and take steps towards this. :)

    yay! goodluck with the haircut! ;) excited to see it! for sure it'll be cut out of love *wink* :D

  2. haha, have fun with the new haircut! I think it'd be fun to have Noah try but I bet he'd be freaking out. :)

    What a very true thought Kim. It's important to slow down and enjoy our time in life. Our society often pushes us to rush through everything but we need to take time to relish everything. I'll keep it in mind as I go throughout the day. Maybe it's time for another evening trip to the farm market....

  3. He's cutting your hair? I cannot wait to see the results!!!

    Have wonderful day!

  4. Great reminder! I'm definitely trying to take time to appreciate all of this beautiful weather we've been having. We sat out on our deck and drank Skinnygirl Margaritas last night after work! It was wonderful.

    Can't wait to see the haircut :)

  5. i'll be house and dog watching the sweetest pup :)
    and drinking lots of tea

    love this post.
    i recently realized the benefits of slowing down

  6. great quote! so important to keep in mind in our busy lives! :)

  7. Ahh! best of luck letting your lovely husband cut your hair! I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors. I'm still sending good vibes your way, just in case ;). I suppose I could do a much better job at appreciating the beauty around me. I've got a free drink ticket from Starbucks that I'll have to put to some use today and sit outside, soaking it all in. :)

  8. Sometimes I am so focused on the ultimate goal that I forget to pay attention to the beauty of the moment. I think I'll make this my ultimate goal today! :)

    Can't wait to hear (read) how the haircut goes! I had a boyfriend cut my hair years ago. He was an engineer, and somehow it worked out very well. Engineers are very precise! hahaha!

  9. Haha - that truly is the ultimate trust test! I love this and I love that photo. Thank you for reminding me what to think about as I go about my day :)

  10. ohmyLORD! you sure do trust your man, and i will keep my fingers crossed that your hair turns out well! lol

    there is beauty all around and i am going to take some time to soak it in today!!!! and tomorrow! and i need to remember to do that every day. :)

  11. that's a nice thought to be thinking about today. :)

    and i absolutely agree, that is definitely the ultimate test of trust! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. Fabulous quote! I need to remember this one.
    My hubby also cuts my hair and does a great job.

  13. I don't think IC would ever cut my hair. To be honest, I think it scares him a little.

  14. you are SO right. we all need to keep this in mind, and you know-- i find that blogging keeps me more in check with this idea:)
    have a great day enjoying the moment... and good luck with the mister giving you a hair cut!!

  15. my dear you are brave. hope it goes well. have a lovely weekend xo

  16. can't wait to see the new haircut!! These days I feel like I am in a million directions but slowly I hope to be find my way.

  17. An excellent and perfectly timed reminder :) thanks lady!

  18. great reminders Kim. I am in the process of slowing down and making time to smell the roses along the way.

  19. Wow, that really was inspiring. I often forget to slow down, I'm always so anxious to get to the next step.

    And that definitely is the ultimate test in trust!

  20. im crossing my fingers for the job hunt... need some good vibes my way for sure... lovely post!

  21. i am totally focusing on slowing down, but at the same time trying not to freak out about finances. talk about either ends of the spectrum. argh

    ps-deets on this haircut, brave soldier.

  22. Very inspirational way to look at life:) wonderful picture as well!