Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dream, dream, dream...

many years ago i made elaborate plans for my dream home.  
it consisted of trees {which i could climb} growing up through the center,
a rock climbing wall reaching 3 stories,
a loft with a rope swing down to a pit full of blankets and pillows,
and an art studio full of all sorts of colors, materials, and tools.
{don't worry, i've passed these plans along to that architect partner of mine.}


it was an incredibly adventurous sort of home with plenty to keep me {and all my friends} busy.
lately, however, i've thought about a new component to add to this dream home of mine - a reading nook.  not just any reading nook, mind you - a boat reading nook!

wouldn't it be fantastic to have a giant bow to an old wooden boat in the home?
you could fill it with pillows and benches for reading,
sipping tea, writing, catching up with old friends,
indoor picnics on rainy days, and star gazing
{yup, there would be ridiculously large skylights directly over the bow}.

you could even create a hidden room below deck {hello guest room?},
and lead sea chanties from above with your favorite grog!
the possibilities are endless.

what does your dream home look like?

ps - i just added a new page up above for the bake sale.  check it out and pass it along to all your southern california friends.

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  1. Hah i love that last photo...those kids are soooo cute !! Hahaha

    I bet your mister is up to that challenge !!

  2. how dreamy! talk about perfection

  3. Yes! You need a boat reading nook! When I was young, I used to repeated draw up floor plans of my dream home. I remember mine had a greenhouse attached and a giant library that had at least one secret passageway. I hope we both get our dream homes someday.

  4. Oh yes! I definitely would love a reading book, a nautical one at that. This is such a fantastic and inspired idea!

  5. What an awesome idea! I would love a reading nook in my home, that would be fantastic! I can just imagine spending hours there.

  6. I was just going through my tumblr archives the other day and came across a fabulous tree house picture. I thought of you right away! I should email it to you really.

    The boat reading nook idea is marvellous! I'd love to have a breakfast nook, a reading nook, a sleeping porch, and great big closets, among other things!

  7. I love each of these photos so much!! Yes to boat in the home!!

  8. LOVE this boat story - so cool and cute :O) Have fun and see you when I am back from London :O)
    A xx

  9. HM I love the boat! I think that my dream house, is white with a lovely colorful door. It has lots of windows and natural light and it's just lovely and nice. Ha I don't know how else to explain it!

  10. i totally want to rope swing into a pile of blankets!! i may have to steal this dream house feature when i win the lottery :-)

  11. lovely dream home. I love all the cozy pillows. my dream house? You know I think it's simple, cozy and inviting. Not sure what that looks like exactly but I'll get there. Hope you are well.

  12. Girl, your home sounds like mine! I especially love the loft with a rope swing down to a pit full of blankets and pillows! :) xo

  13. Well, I don't think I ever planned any of this for my dream home, but now I need it.


    I can just see the look on my husband's face...

  14. This sounds marvelous...can I come visit? :)

  15. girl! you are a dreamer! a romantic! i get excited at the thought of two bedrooms or more. lol. and preferably my dream home comes with someone that wants to CLEAN IT. lol

  16. Kim, this is delightful! the boat as a furniture?? so love the idea! >:) im going to save this link for future reference!

  17. A boat reading nook sounds so incredibly appealing to me. I've always wanted a nook for writing, tea drinking, and thinking, and that just sounds perfect.

    I may just have to steal your idea when I upgrade from my shoebox-sized apartment :)

  18. This is one of the coolest ideas I've heard of in a long time :)

  19. yes! you used a picture from west elm! i'm currently living in Sydney short term but am slowly purchasing items from my dream home in the sweet USA. my home will be a collection of creams, khakis, grays and blues... i'm a follower of your blog now and am looking forward to future posts!