Thursday, May 12, 2011

travel treasures

i took a walk today and ended up over on jenna's fabulous design blog, design sparrow.  unfortunately she wasn't home. right now she's off having amazing adventures in africa {i know, i'm so jealous too!}, so i left a guest post over there for all of you guys along with her regular readers.  it's all about my favorite, most awesomest travel treasure in the world!  a little hint:

{our awesome travel treasure was really hard to get through customs.}

head over to design sparrow to read all about it.  
and while you're over there, scroll down to her photos from her last trip to africa. 
 they're amazing {like the one where she got to pet a cheetah}!

ps - i'm just going to be honest here - i'll be shamelessly promoting our concert this weekend, supporting singer/songwriter joe gil at the hotel cafe, all week.  10pm, may 14, following deana carter {remember her? country singer from the 90's.}


  1. dear kim! how are you?
    havnt been in the blog world for a while.
    i love yours :) it makes me happy!
    wanted to ask you advice for sprucing up my blog too.. should i email you?
    hope all is well
    eleanor x

  2. This trip you took still amazes me. A monkey with a pet rabbit. It's incredible.

    Please make someone take photos or videotape on Saturday night!

  3. i've been there! :D exactly the same fence! though i didn't ride the elephant. maybe i'll try next time! fun fun photos, Kim!

  4. I love that photo of you... gotta go read your post, ciao bella!

  5. Yes! I wasn't around during your travel posts, but luckily tracked your amazing honeymoon trip at the elephant sanctuary. So looking forward to reading this guest post so I'm heading on over!

  6. On my way there right now...
    Oh Kim, how you love those elephants!

  7. Going to check out your post now. And just so you know... I think it's great that you are so proud of Dannon and his violin skills, and so excited for yourself to be singing with a fabulous band. Self-promote away! If I were anywhere near there, I would most definitely come watch and cheer you on.

  8. This picture is incredible! I'm intrigued, heading over there now!

  9. Loved the post. Best. Photo. Ever.

  10. i hope to have the chance to frolic with elephants one day :-) so happy to have discovered a new blog to read!

  11. this picture of you is fantastic!! I've been catching up on your blog today and loving every minute of it. =) thnx again for the wonderful guest post!