Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thao + mirah

have you heard the amazing collaboration of thao nguyen {of thao with the get down stay down} and mirah?  
i am completely in love with both of these girls on their own, so when i heard they had come together to form the most awesome musical union i was squeeling like a school girl.

i have such special memories with mirah's music.  i first discovered her 6 years ago, during my first few months living in san francisco.  i was fresh out of college, had just sold everything i owned to fly clear across the country, and didn't know a soul.  i moved into a room in a house on treasure island where i met one of my favorite people ever, the coolest girl in the world, my friend kristle.  she was a fashion designer who created amazing robot art and listened to a whole lot of mirah.  over the years of being friends, mirah was often the soundtrack to our lives.  eventually we finally got to one of her concerts at bottom of the hill, a super small venue, where the musicians always end up feeling like your friends.  and let me tell you, mirah is one adorable lady!

so now, every time i hear mirah i think of kristle and all of our CRAZY adventures {and you can be sure there were plenty}.  and of course, thao is a san francisco girl, so her music always makes me think of the city.  yup, lots of sweet memories & love wrapped up in this music, and listening to their collaborative album transfers me back to all those great times. {and kristle, if you're reading this, i miss you!!!}

here's a little mix with some favorites from the collaboration of thao + mirah, plus a few from each of their solo works.

1. eleven - thao + mirah
2. little cup - thao + mirah
3. teeth - thao + mirah
4. how dare you - thao + mirah
5. squareneck - thao + mirah
6. cool yourself - thao with the get down stay down
7. know better learn faster - thao with the get down stay down
8. when we swam - thao with the get down stay down
9. engine heart - mirah
10. recommendation - mirah
11. jerusalem - mirah
12. mt. st. helens - mirah


speaking of music...
  if you will be in the LA area this saturday night, may 14, head over to the hotel cafe to hear joe gil, backed by the mister and yours truly!  come early to hear deana carter {of "strawberry wine" fame}, or stay after to hear the daylights, but make sure to come say hi.


  1. So much to say! Starting with the fact that I can't believe you lived on Treasure Island when you first moved to San Francisco. That's crazy! And secondly, Strawberry Wine is only one of the greatest songs ever. So great that I got into a car accident while listening to it when I was a teenager cause I was a little too swept away in the song. haha.

  2. I wish I was in LA to come see your gig - yay for musical memories!

  3. I've never heard either of these ladies before, but I'm pretty impressed by their collaboration. I think I'll be listening to them all day.

    And I do love how music can become a soundtrack to a certain time in your life, and listening just brings you back.

  4. Fun, I've never heard of these ladies but they sound wonderful. I love new music. Can't wait to listen to these ladies more.
    I wish I was in Cali. but I will be cheering for you in spirit(in Indiana..I'm going camping there).
    P.S. I totally was singing strawberry wine with some people the other day. I think we were driving or something. Great song.

  5. Your love for music is so incredible. It makes me realize how much music is a strong part of bringing people together. Thanks for the introduction!

  6. I've never heard of either of them but I'm totally loving them together!

  7. Kim, you are seriously my musical educator :) You know, sometimes I'll just go to your blog when I want new music to listen to (in lieu of Pandora) and listen to your playlists :)

    Gah, I hope I can make it out on Saturday!! I'd love to hear you and the mister sing!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Music is all about memories for me too!

  9. eeep! this is so great! love hearing about your happy memories of SF :)

  10. What, wait!? This is an epic and beautiful musical collaboration! Great news!

  11. i will be in la, but i have plans that night. dang it!

    and the comment you left on my blog today made me LAUGH!!!!!

  12. New music and I'm loving it! Yes! Thaaaank you, Kim! So great to hear about just why you love this music so much, too! So often certain artists dominate a certain time or feel for me.

  13. you made my morning Kim! :D i was actually looking for a new sound to hear and this playlist is just so perfect! have a great week dear! :*

  14. wow!! they are amazing!! thanks for sharing!!

  15. i had never heard of them, it's time i update my play list

  16. Absolutely fantastic! I love it more than words can describe!

  17. So excited to give these girls a listenin' to :) I love to be exposed to new music, and tend to gravitate towards strong female musicians. Something tells me I'll love their sound (maybe b/c we also share other musical interests in common).

    Hope you have a great weekend! So wish I lived closer to hear you + the mister sing... it's wonderful you make music together.

  18. You guys are hitting the big time!! I'm going to try to make it Saturday - I have to work a ways away, but I'm there if done in time. I love Thao too! She was on the Hotel Cafe Tour with Emily Wells (do you listen to her??Amazing) Good luck at the show!!

  19. I wish I could come hear your music! And I have to tell you that I am a huge Deana fan! My family actually got to know her several years ago and she is the sweetest!!

    Thanks for the new music! :)