Friday, May 6, 2011

gratitude {and a few other things}

it's that time again! time for my weekly list of gratitude.  let's just jump right in, shall we?...

this week i'm thankful for:
- orange juice.
- finding some new steps for improving our lives {and taking them}.
- getting to see the mister rock out on his violin with the band social studies at the bootleg theater
{he was amazing! a total rockstar!!}.
{look at that dreamy violinist!}

- getting to join a band myself.
- discovering ice cream in the freezer, to which the mister replied "surprise!"
- free thursday nights at the moca enjoyed with friends.
- that our adorable and beloved neighbor kitty is still alive after being attacked by a dog {he'll be at the vet's for a while, but they expect a full recovery. just to be clear, the owner of the dog is another neighbor and is a totally responsible dog owner. this was just a terrible accident.}. keep your fingers crossed for the little guy!
- that the mister's 31st birthday is this weekend! i'm not entirely sure what we'll be doing yet, but it will probably involve some sort of outdoorsy fun & friends.  


also, don't forget sunday is mother's day! if you are of the gift-giving type, make sure it's a gift she really wants, not like the horror stories in this cute video by hello giggles, a new entertainment site by
zooey deschanel and two of her gal pals:

finally, two requests:
1.  remember my friend leslie who is making a documentary on the dangers of being gay in jamaica? he is leaving tomorrow to spend the next month there, interviewing people and shooting his film.  this is an incredibly dangerous undertaking, and while we're all confident in his street smarts, we are still concerned for his safety.  so if you could please keep him in your thoughts & prayers through the month of may, that would be greatly appreciated!
2. also, leslie's sister had an extremely serious health scare yesterday.  she's fine now, but experiencing what she did at her age is bizarre and alarming to say the least.  please keep her in your thoughts & prayers, as well as leslie.  i'm sure this is such a hard time to be leaving the country for him.

thanks friends!
and i hope you all have glorious weekends!


  1. Jamaica truly has a special place in my heart after going their for our wedding. And not just for the glitz and glamor of the resorts. There was so much more to the country that I would love to learn so I'm very excited for this film.

    Leslie and his sister will be in my thoughts. Be sure to post an update! :]

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Have a great weekend and a fun bday celebration!!

  3. Leslie and his sis will both be in my thoughts!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mister!! :) I can't wait to see what brilliant celebration you'll come up with! :) And your friend and his family will be in my thoughts!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim!

  5. I am praying for Leslie. Goodness, what bravery.

  6. Praying for leslie and his sis. How brave is he??
    Your Mr is looking great with the violin - how talented - I can't play anything :O)
    Have a great w e Kim
    A xox

  7. Wow, what an amazing undertaking. I really respect Leslie for putting himself out there to spread information for such an important cause.

    What a wonderful thing, I will keep him and the safety of he and his crew in my thoughts.


  8. I'm glad the kitty is okay! It's so sad when animals are involved in situations like that. It's part of nature I suppose, but I don't want those little fur babies to get hurt!

    Happy Birthday to your Mister! Is his birthday Saturday by chance? That's when mine is!

  9. You two are so hip (many congrats on joining a band!) How exciting!

    Happy Birthday to the mr.

  10. Have a fabulous weekend and happy birthday to your mister!! Keeping your friends in my thoughts and prayers! xxoo :)

  11. Surprise ice cream?! He's a keeper ; )



  12. Oh, I'm so glad that cute kitty next door is alive. How scary! And this video was too funny (so true).

  13. Happy Birthday to Dannon!

    I'll be thinking of your friend and his sister, and wishing them both well.

    I hope you have a fantabulous weekend, Kim! xo

  14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your neighbor's kitty.

    You being grateful for orange juice made me smile :)

    Your friend Leslie is so brave. I will include them as well in my prayers..

    Great photograph with your hubby playing the violin.. you're right.. that is sexy! I wish him a Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. have a fantastic weekend my dear... hope the job search will lead to LA or anywhere in California so I can come over all the time... have fun!

  16. IC brought me surprise Ben and Jerry's this week. It was quite magical!

  17. LMAO @ that video "This is a size... Toyota?!" Awesome.

    I'm keeping your friend Leslie and his family in my thoughts and prayers. Same for kitty; glad he's survived and pray for a full recovery!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend--I didn't know your hubby plays the violin (I did too once many moons ago, but I was god awful).

  18. You two are too cute. Ice cream would brighten my day too.

  19. these posts of yours always make me smile! :)
    ice cream? adorable!!!

    i'm praying for your courageous friend.


  20. happy weekend. I hope the kitty is recuperating and your hubby had a nice birthday weekend. life this way is good...sour straws and wine.
    p.s. excited to hear the details of your new steps and the band.

  21. you joined a band! hope this means we can still jam!
    (sending good vibes to your friend leslie and his sister)

  22. Saying a prayer for your friend's safety and for Leslie's sister.

    Looking forward to hearing (reading) how you decided to celebrate the mister's birthday!

    Also...did you say (write) that you joined a band yourself? So cool!!

  23. ohmygosh, your mister plays the violin? that's awesome. simply awesome and so is the fact you'll be part of a band yayy