Monday, May 2, 2011

good deeds ~ LA blogger meetup

what's better than sharing all sorts of ideas for making the world a better place? 
actually making the world a better place together

today i bring you some news that i'm super excited about!
brandi {from not your average ordinary} and i are teaming up to put good deeds into action.
on june 4, we will be hosting a bake sale for charity here in los angeles, and everyone is invited!
of course i know many of you don't live nearby, which is totally sad! you will be missed, but
maybe you can host a charity blogger meetup in your neck of the woods?...


more details to follow soon, but for now,
we need your help with one thing: finding a location.

here's what we are looking for:
- a gallery, cute shop, or cafe that has some extra space for a table full of treats.
- a location that would be happy to give us permission to host our bake sale on their property
{owning or knowing an owner of a gallery/shop is preferred}.
- a location in the LA area that is well-known, easy to get to, and has a lot of foot traffic
{examples: silver lake, santa monica, los feliz, etc.}.

if you know of a location that sounds like this, please contact brandi or me, either in the comments or by email.

my email: fillyourwell{at}
brandi's email: brandi{at}

thank you so much for any and all of your help!
this is going to be such a fun opportunity for us to get together and make the world a better place.
i can't wait!


  1. sounds like fun, but a bit far away. I will be thinking of you, and probably have a piece of cake myself (it's on my birthday). Hope it will turn out great.

  2. i'm in georgia so i am not much help, but good luck!
    i'm sure it'll turn out great!

  3. you should try cafe gratitude on larchmont!

  4. I wish I was closer to you so I could join in!

  5. You girls are awesome. I adore you and if I were anywhere nearby, I would so be baking loads of cookies to sell! I can't wait to hear all about it. I've no doubt it will be a hit, and raise lots of money for a good cause.

    As for blogger meet-ups, can't wait for Brandi to be here in Victoria at the beginning of July, and for you and I to organize a meet-up of our own at the end of July! I haven't been to Seattle in years, but for you... I'll figure something out! Let's start planning.

  6. I don't live in LA, but Abbot Kinney Blvd might be a good place to look! There is a cluster of boutiques, cafes, galleries, and vintage furniture and antiques to choose from. It was one of my favorite areas when we stayed in Venice.

  7. this makes me wish I lived in LA or a bit closer

  8. I sooo wish I lived near you guys. Maybe I can swing a trip down there and bring some of my awesome goodies? Let me know if I can help in any way!

  9. so bummed i'm on the east coast - this is sure to be an amazing event!

  10. Awesome idea and I can't wait to see the goodies and the turnout. You guys are so lovely.. Man, why don't I live in LA?

  11. Oh, I soooo wish I could attend this! Can't wait to see how the event turns out :)

  12. I wish I were closer, it sounds like so much fun!

    If you think of a way out of town bloggers can help, let me know!!

  13. I so wish, I was in that neck of the woods. It looks like fun. I am not sure I would want to torment anyone with my baked goods though!!

  14. Awww, I dont live in your area - but this is SUCH a great idea! I am certain that you both will find a terrific spot to set up your bake sale. What fun!

  15. hmmmmm. i think los feliz or silverlake would be FABULOUS for this type of event. mainly because i live close by! lol

  16. You two are amazing!!! I wish I could help out! Maybe you could put a donate button on your blog and those of us overseas could contribute that way? xoxo

  17. sounds fun...wish i could join you guys!! wish you lots of success and good times!

  18. What fun! I wish I could come. But this might be the motivation I need to organize something similar here!



  19. This is a great idea, I love it! I think a gallery or a coffee shop would be a great location.

  20. what a sweet idea. Sounds like so much fun!

  21. This sounds like it will be a fabulous event!! I SO wish I could go.. best of luck & have fun! Can't wait for more details .. sending lots of positive vibes to you two ladies!

  22. This sounds like such a great idea! And looking at those baked goods has made my mouth water. Good luck finding a location!

  23. How I wish Kuala Lumpur-LA is just a stone's throw away.. :)
    Anyways, have fun ladies !!

  24. oooh this sounds like such a fab idea, wish I could be there! I will try to think of LA spots, but Silverlake sound kinda perfect, maybe just visiting and asking random places might work.


  25. Hmmmm...I saw that Gratitude on Larchmont was mentioned. I've not been there, yet (it's probably only a mile or two from my apt) but this sounds like a good fit!

    I'm not much of a baker...and I'm vegan, but vegan baking might be something worth looking into. ;)

    Oh...another place I just thought of...The Oaks Gourmet. It's a Franklin Village location. Borders Los Feliz. A local hot spot...very casual, very cool people.