Friday, April 22, 2011

gratitude! {and how much i love the earth}

merry earth day!!!
can you believe it? two whole holidays in a row, plus this weekend will be easter!
whew, so fun!

today i will be giving the earth a giant hug and telling it how much i love it.  i really really do!  you know when you take a ridiculously long flight and finally touch down 14 hours later and think, "i'm so happy to be back on land!!!" those are exactly the times when i realize how much i love this big hunk {hubba hubba!} of rock zipping through space.  and a lot of us may live in separate countries,
but as far as the earth is concerned, we all share the same home.  i love that too.
so thank you little planet for taking care of every single one of us. you're so dreamy!!


here are some of the other things for which i am thankful this week:
* playing with adorable dogs at the spca {and did i fall completely head over heels in love with more than one of those pups? why of course i did!}
* beginning to get some call backs about jobs {finally, at least people see that i exist!}.
* a super sweet, loving chloe cat who cuddled up to me when i was sad one day.
* garlic fries, cinnamon rolls, & the ability to eat only these things for dinner, guilt-free.
* finally {finally!!} writing and mailing some thank you letters from our wedding {only 7 months late...}.
* beginning the week with great art at the brewery art walk.
* discovering sweet new music to learn on the ukulele. 
* and i'm most thankful of all for - the Railroad Revival Tour!! this afternoon we'll be heading over to the coast to hear old crow medicine show, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros {i lit his cigarette once!}, and mumford & sons.  yeee!

what are you thankful for today?


  1. Yea for callbacks!! Hopefully next week will be even better. Have a great weekend. Xo

  2. Yeah!! I am so happy that you are getting call backs. The Railroad Revival Tour sounds super fun. I love those bands!!
    Today, I am thankful it's friday and that I have finished my last term paper of my academic career.

  3. Yay for callbacks! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. That's right! Railroad Revival is tonight! Oh, you're such a lucky girl. Have a fantastic time there. And did all work out well with the company you sent your resume to? I want some details! Happy weekend, Kim!

  5. Have fun Kim !!

    I'm glad it's Great Friday !!

    Have a fantastic weekend ! Happy Easter !!

  6. Have SOOO much fun at Railroad Revival!! Take tons of photographs so we can all pretend we were there when you share with us :) I'm so grateful that you're going, too!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim!! :) xo.

  7. Happy Earth day to you missy! Enjoy the weekend on this beautiful planet! hehe. I'm going to try and be outside as much as possible this weekend to take in everything! =)

  8. happy earth day! lovely list of thankfulness. today i'm grateful for having the day off, waking up without an alarm clock, and not knowing what i'm going to do the rest of the day :)

  9. we've been uber late getting all our wedding thank yous out the door too, so you're in good company :-) glad to hear your job search efforts are starting to pay off. have a good weekend!

  10. You got some call backs? Woo hoo! I've been praying for you!

    Happy (Merry!) Earth Day!

  11. Yes!! I know how hard the search is and how much it means to get some responses! Glad you love the earth as much as I do!! Cheers to the weekend, friend.

  12. Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter, Happy concert!! So lucky. :) Your post reminds me of my photo quote for today, ha! So right... we all share the same home.

  13. Kinda drooling over the thought of garlic fries and cinnamon buns! Happy earth day!

  14. Have a wonderful time!

    P.S. I'm grateful for the cinnamon bun(s) I had yesterday as well :)

  15. that photo of the earth is too cute!

    I am thankful for Fridays, for completing a week alive and in good health, for cheese pizza and a clean/organized bedroom (I know, I know... my list is a little random haha)

    Happy Easter

  16. what a happy post! and i love your list. the brewery art walk is where we first met our fernando, you know! :)

    happy Easter weekend!!

  17. I came here to congratulate you on your job callbacks, and then got distracted by news of you going to Railroad Revival! Awesome all around.

  18. I came here to congratulate you on your job callbacks, and then got distracted by news of you going to Railroad Revival! Awesome all around.

  19. Callbacks?? Woop Woop - Have a wonderful Easter Weekend Kim.
    Sunshine from Denmark.
    A xx

  20. Some friends and I claimed a picnic table outside of Railroad Revival in Oakland! None of us could get tickets, so the next best thing was to go listen and oh how fun it was! It took place at one of my favorite places in Oakland, out at the Port and our picnic table was right next to the gorgeous train the bands are touring around in! I'm sure it's much better inside the show, but a good time was still had. :)

  21. great post :) and i hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    right now i am grateful to have clean water to drink, lots of yummy candy to eat, and a cozy bed to curl up in! xx

  22. How was the show?? I want to hear all about it (you are the only person I know who had the chance to go!).

    Also, congrats on the callbacks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, girl!

    Hope you had a very happy Earth Day :)