Friday, March 11, 2011


this week started out pretty good, but ended on a totally depressing note.  still, that's okay because a whole lot of awesome stuff happened which has left me super excited about life on this gloriously sunny friday.  

here's what i'm thankful for this week:
* getting to know a new friend better.
* a coffee date at intelligentsia.
* finding delicious cow girl creamery cheese at the fancy shmancy silverlake cheese store.
* enjoying a stroll around the silverlake lake on a sunny afternoon.
* getting to wear a sundress outside every day this week.
* buying our tickets for the railroad revival tour to see mumford & sons, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, and old crow medicine show {it'll be for the mister's 31st birthday}.
* putting on sunscreen... which means that summer is practically upon us!
* getting some writing done {and having several fun coffee shops at which to do my writing}.
* turkey jerky {yes, i'm mostly a vegetarian, but this stuff seriously saved me when i had low blood sugar}.
* getting fun packages!
like these two:
- erin, one of my favorite bloggers {and people}, sent me this super cute recycled coin purse.  isn't it fun?
- and we got yet another amazing wedding gift, this time from my super awesome big sister -- a picture frame made out of reclaimed wood from our great grandparent's and great great grandparent's old barn in the wisconsin country side.  even more special, my uncle is the one who made it!
thanks jenny!!!


i'm also excited for this weekend because we're going to a friend's birthday bash, where we will finally get to eat that delicious cowgirl creamery cheese! yum!!

what are you thankful for?


  1. How great for you to focus on the positive.

    I'm thankful for my wonderful new job. (And I'm thankful for you for helping me to focus on the positive things about it!)

  2. The Railroad Revival Tour sounds so awesome! I'm jealous!! I love Mumford & Sons!

    I'm sorry your week ended on a depressing note, but it's so great to read that you're still so grateful for so much. : )

    I'm thankful for the warmer and warmer weather!

  3. What a lovely thankful list.
    You look so sweet there Kim.

    I'm thankful for every opportunities that I have had for there were plenty of things that I've learned from there.

    I hope you are far away from the shore since tsunami warning has been issued in california, oregon & alaska.

  4. Have a wonderful weekend!
    I am grateful for the fact that the 200+ people event I have been planning for the last month is finally taking place today.
    I am grateful for flats so my feet won't hurt as I run around!

  5. Oh, i love the list. I am so happy that you are seeing old crow medicine show. I love them and m&s, too. That will be a sweet show.
    I am thankful that I got all my studying done, that the sun is coming out and I am seeing some of my favorite people this weekend.

  6. I SO want to go to the Revival Road Tour. I wish I had known about it when ticket sales started. Even still, I'll see if I can find some. Fingers crossed.

    As for what I'm thankful for this week: being finished with classes. I actually got hit with some really bad news on Wednesday that affected my week, but I'm coping with it as much as I can. I tell myself that even though things may not go as I thought they would, doesn't mean they won't turn out wonderfully.

  7. Yay! I'm thankful for the mail arriving with you so quickly! I mailed that late in the day on Friday, so it made its way to you pretty quick. I'm so glad you like your little change purse. It was meant for you, I'm sure!

    Enjoy that sunshine {a sundress every day this week? seriously? I'm so jealous!}, and your friend's birthday party. I'll be celebrating with the under-6 crowd at Dylan's paint-your-own-pottery party!

    Happy Weekend, Kim!

  8. I'm thankful for the job i've been given, the friends i have the lovely vintage photography book i received unexpectedly through the post the other day!

    Lovely blog.

  9. LOvely, and I totally envy that you wore sundresses all week long. Have a good weekend!!


  10. KIMMMMMMMMMM (I am exaggerating with the ms) but you're adorable. It's my first time ever at SF, I would love any recommendations :)

    ps: Putting on sunscreen already? I am so jealous, can't wait until next week.

  11. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    I'm thankful for finally getting over the sickness that has kept me down for a week! Yuck!

    And I'm thankful to be able to spend some quality time with my love this weekend!

  12. You're so cute! I'm so glad I found your blog! :) That coin purse is especially adorable.

  13. Okay, please excuse my little novel but I promise there's a point to it. Sometimes I categorize people in relation to high school and I just realized who you were in high school. You were the girl that everyone was friends with because you were super nice, smart, funny, interesting, interested, laid back, and most of all genuine. This picture confirmed that thought in my head. I bet you were so cool you didn't even realize that everyone loved you (and still do!)

  14. That is just the COOLEST idea for a frame!! :) Wow, with so much meaning too - hehe, you look so cute & happy with your gifts!
    I know, this week started out great, but it really is such a sad day today. Still, your post is ever-more appropriate today, with being grateful for our health and safety. Have a wonderful weekend, Kim!!

  15. I may have said this already on your post from a couple of days ago but...I love sundresses, so jealous you are wearing them already! And Mumford and Sons...I am falling in love with them more and more!

    I'm thankful I'm safe and sound...a little rained on maybe but safe with a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to keep me warm.

  16. Good for you looking at the positive! First off, I love that frame and coin purse. Way too cute and what a sweet idea the frame was.

    I'm not actually sure what I'm thankful for this week (yeah, a little depressing). I guess I'll say I'm thankful that I have time over break to recuperate... That's good right? Have a wonderful weekend Kim - you deserve it!

  17. RAINBOOTS! I AM THANKFUL FOR RAINBOOTS! Let me explain, I am thankful for 10 acres of land in the country for Taylor and Josie to run around in their creative fashioned clothes...sweaters on top of sweaters with skirts or dresses layered over pants.....and peaking out under it all....RAINBOOTS! Everytime they go outside I just grin from ear to ear because of their "Punky Brewster" attire....but mostly their RAINBOOTS! So glad you got the frame all in one piece and that you like it! Love you!!!

  18. Thanks for your sweet comments Kim, and I am also very happy I started blogging. Love your blog, love your daily musings - love life and for that I am thankful :)
    A xx

  19. Aw, Erin is the sweetest! I'm sorry your week ended on a down note, but I am happy you are thankful for so many things. Your gratitude lists are among my favorite things to read every week. Hope your weekend is full of positive and lovely things.

  20. i'm thankful that all my LA friends are doing well and that most of my friendships here are still here!

  21. Railroad revival tour?? WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?!?! I have been listening to those bands nonstop lately. Just looked up the dates and unfortunately, they won't be swinging around the NYC area (but I love the concept of the tour!). You must report bac and let us know how it is!

    Also very jealous that you're already rockin' the sundresses. *FINGERS CROSSED* I'll be able to do the same, too. They want very much to come out of the closet :)

  22. Great list, and great blog. Thank you for your comment today. I will for sure be back!

  23. What a happy post! I'm thankful my boyfriend was home all week for spring break! :)

  24. Cheese and coffee and good friends? Those are things I'm definitely thankful for right now too! :)

    That frame is SO COOL! :) What a treasure!

  25. the coin purse is so cute! i love getting packages, too! hope you had fun at the bash.

  26. I love finding lists like these that point out things that make you happy. I'm so happy I discovered your blog!

  27. I'm glad you found positive things to focus on despite the crappy ending to your week. Plus that coin purse and frame are such great gifts!

  28. Fun List! I especially love "wearing a sun dress everyday". Up here in the cold north we just had another "winter storm watch". I am so ready for Summer!
    The frame- so special! And, the coin purse- too, too Cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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