Friday, March 4, 2011


say what? it's friday already?!  well, how about that...

here's what i'm thankful for this week {which flew by way too fast}:
* kitties.
* successfully applying to a ton of jobs {18 to be exact}.
* seeing our cabana being built right before my eyes {thanks to the mister}.
* randomly finding a photo of a grad school classmate in athleta magazine 
{this has yet to be verified, but i'm 98% sure it's her}.
* discovering new amazing music.
* getting some fun mail {more on that later}.
* making good progress on my writing.
* fruit smoothies.
* seeing local natives at disney concert hall with the LA phil {amazing!!}.
* seeing three great films - the social network, never let me go, and it's kind of a funny story 
{i absolutely adored it's kind of a funny story! if only psych wards were really that easy.}
* oat pancakes with wildflower honey from northern california. 
* my favorite new exercise - dancing with wild abandon.

{from j'adore}

what are you thankful for?


  1. When the right time comes, opportunity will come knocking on your door. I’m sure you’ll get a job soon. Don’t give up lady!
    And…Can’t wait for that fun mail post!

    Have a great weekend Kim ! *many hugs*

  2. I love your words - so inspiring.!!
    Happy weekend to you :)
    A xx

  3. Congrats on applying to all of those jobs! That's super impressive. I am crossing my fingers for you!

    This week... I'm grateful for finally figuring out how to manage my time to have all the time I need and then some. : )

    Have a fabulous weekend, Kimbirdy!

  4. I am thankful to have my parents here this weekend =-)

  5. That's a pretty impressive list! I wasn't sure if I was going to like It's Kind of a Funny Story, but now maybe I'll check it out!

    Love that you guys are building a cabana! Pictures?

  6. Wow. I can't believe it is friday, either.
    I am so happy that you had just a sweet week. Good luck with all the jobs.
    I am grateful that is Friday. That I have managed to do many of the things I had set out to do this week.
    Have a sweet weekend.

  7. Kitties are always a great thing to be thankful for. 18 job applications--look at you go! Crossing my fingers for you...

  8. Dancing with wild abandon? Sounds perfect!

    Glad for that week full of gratitude, Kim! And I just might be sending you a little bit of mail myself later today...

    Happy Weekend!

  9. PS: I love when you post photos from my tumblr!

  10. 18 jobs! congrats on applying to all of them, that's a big number. I am grateful for this week being over. I'd 3 exams, yikes!

    Now off to enjoy my weekend :)

    Happy Friday!

  11. 18? You go girl! You have so much drive I love it!

  12. 18 jobs! Way to go, that is aggressive! I am thankful it is finally friday!

  13. 18 jobs! Oh my! Fingers crossed a great job is just around the corner!

    I am thankful for my new house and my husband who makes going home everyday such a treat! (Cheesy, I know, but my heart is feeling full of love right now!)

  14. 18 jobs - you go lady! Thankful to have a free weekend with absolutely NO plans (just 1 thing on Sunday).. yay!

  15. I'm most thankful that the cold I started the week with is finally going away. And you go applying to 18 jobs -- that's fantastic! I'm so thrilled you had such an awesome week. I miss you though. We need another play date after I finish this quarter. Have a great weekend, darling!

  16. Your gratitude lists are always so happiness-inducing!

  17. Great list! Your favorite new exercise makes me happy! I think I might give that a go tonight right in my living room!! :)

    Happy weekend!!

  18. i can't wait to see this completed cabana of yours! here's to a sunny and warm weekend :)


  19. I love your new favorite exercise! I've been doing a small exercise class that does dance moves each week. It's surprising what a workout in can be.

    Let us know if it was your grad school friend in the photo! Glad to see so many things you're thankful for.

  20. yay for fun mail! (can't wait to hear about it) and movie watching-- my favorite way to spend a free evening with myself lol i still have to see "the social network" but i saw "never let me go" and think carey muligan is just amazing. such a sad/weird movie that makes you think a bit.

    congrats to your classmate (if it is her, though 98% is a good percentage lol!) and do tell about the music you've discovered!!!

    oh and good luck on the job search! don't i know all about that...

    i'm thankful for coffee in the morning, reconnecting with old friends, being on a creative kick lately, and the sweet things that are already showing up in my mailbox for my birthday on Monday. :)