Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine's ideas for everyone!

hello everyone!  it's the weekend before valentine's day, and even though i don't usually celebrate the day, i have seen so many cute things around the blogosphere that i just had to share.  plus, they're things you could use to celebrate v-day with ALL the people in your life, not just a significant other. 

like these adorable cup wrapper printables from eat, drink, chic! they're free and can be printed separately. wouldn't this be such a cute way to dress up a coffee date with a friend?

or how about whipping up some nice goodies from one of the many amazing recipes on pizzelles to share with your neighbors? then you could add these cute free tags from the nimbus factory when you package up your treats. 

you could also set up a dreamy fort {found on wild & precious}!  you could have a slumber party with some friends or your kiddos, and watch favorite love movies!

and if you need a few suggestions, how about...
away we go
when harry met sally
big fish

or how about some sweet tunes?

whatever you have planned, i hope you'll have a fun and beautiful weekend with people you love!  


  1. Love all these! I hope your days are filled to the brim with love.

  2. I love the cup holders, I am not a big fan of celebrating Valentine's day either. Plus I have two classes and work on Monday, I will celebrate tomorrow by watching a movie "if you can call that celebrating."

  3. Ps: Head over to my blog for a little surprise

  4. So freaking precious. I'm definitely going to the printable sites and making some of that happen for my V-Day sleepover! I love the day of love . . . even though I'm single. :)

  5. such lovely finds! i'm especially digging the cup wrappers.

  6. I blush, I blush. Thank you. And now I need to go build a fort.

  7. I got stuck on those little paper coffee cups. SO cute!
    And I hope you enjoy the warm SoCal weather this weekend :)

  8. ooh i want to build a fort now!!! gorgeous.

    and those wrap around coffee cup deals-- genius!!!

    xo happy heart day to you!!!

    ps. i'm jamming to your music now... love it!

  9. One of my favorite movies is Along Came Polly. It is super sweet.
    I totally want a fort in my room.
    Fun post. Happy Valentines!

  10. So cute, love the music!
    By the way you are the winner of the CSN Stores giveaway!
    Please check your email! :)

  11. i totally want to build a fort!! love it :)

    hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  12. i love this post, you give the best suggestions :) Hope you have a lovely v-day with the Mr. tomorrow!

  13. Great playlist! I'm going to have to make a playlist with some of my favorite tunes for the boyfriend :)

  14. I love the mug holders! Way cute. I'll have to print those off tonight and put them around a coffee cup tomorrow just to show them off on valentine's day! In case there's no new post before then - Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. The cup wrappers are great!! I love all of the valentines decorations :) Even though I don't celebrate it, it makes me happy to see other people so in love and happy.

  16. All these are the cutest !!!
    May you have a great and fun weekend with your mister!

  17. the coffee cup wrappers are brilliant. how cute!
    happy love day to you...

  18. You have no idea how happy you just made me. I LOOOOOOVE Penguin Cafe Orchestra and have never found anyone else who listens to their music!! The pics here are great, too. I mean, who wouldn't want to build a fort??