Friday, February 11, 2011


what a week it's been!  it seemed to zip by in a flash for me.  anyone else?  i guess that's because i kept very busy, which was a welcomed change.

here are a few of the things i'm thankful for this week:

* making some money {yay jobs!}.
* having creative projects that keep me inspired and challenged.
* successfully parallel parking all over the city and no longer screaming as i do it.
* joining carmella for her birthday dinner at cru.
* the amazingly delicious food at cru {i know raw/vegan sounds scary, but the food there is phenomenal}.
* going to work and being surrounded by great friends.
* playing dress up with tatiana {more like tatiana dressing me up - i'm going to be one of her models at a photoshoot}.
* warm, sunshiny weather.
* waking up at 7.... ish.  ...well, the specifics aren't as important as the fact that i woke up before 8 every day.
* daydreaming about all the places we'll go and people we'll see on next week's trip to san francisco.
* the most amazing, relaxing bath my partner prepared for me. what a guy!
* having absolutely NO plans this weekend. i can't wait to relax, sleep in, take a hike, watch a movie,  or anything else i feel like because i don't have anywhere i have to be. yay!

what are you thankful for?


  1. must have been a pretty hectic week for you Kim. Glad things went well for you.

    And Kim, thank you for writing and telling us about the Love Bomb, it's so overwhelming to see that there are so many good people out there, with good hearts, and one of them is YOU !!! I did my first mission today! A Love Bomb For Lauren

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Raw/vegan doesn't sound scary, it sounds amazing!! ; )

    I'm grateful for so much! I'm thinking I should write it all down, too. I just worry that I won't know where to even begin!

    Have a lovely weekend, Kim!

  3. Loved this list! I'm so excited for you to go to SF! I grew up in the SF area and am just so in love with it. Nowhere else compares! Let me know if you want any suggestions of places to go and things to see! :]

  4. What an amazing week you had! I just want to say YAY for it all! I'm most thankful for new friends, dinner conversations, getting more exercise, and just generally being happier. However, I do secretly wish I had nothing to do this weekend. That would be so lovely, but it's going to be another busy weekend for me. Enjoy yours, Kim! Can't wait to see you next Saturday!

  5. Yay for making money, I'm right there with ya!

  6. Yay.... no triple yay for creative fun projects! I am so happy for you!

    I am grateful for a day in SF tomorrow.

  7. It looks like you've had a wonderful week, and that makes me so happy to see! :) Definitely yay for the creative projects, the great friends + partner :) I'm grateful to be lucky enough to go on so many trips, and I'm also grateful to be home with no plans this weekend, either! I am really looking forward to getting everything back in order and doing all the things I've pushed off until my travels are over. Whew, it'll be a nice rejuvenating weekend, I think! :)

  8. Yayy to making money!! A stay-in-relaxing weekend sounds perfect to me right now, I am in so much need of one!

  9. i'm glad to hear cru is good - i've been wondering for years!

  10. I'm thankful it is Friday and I get to play with my little sister, cousin and Mom this weekend!! Girls weekends are the best. :) Have fun playing dress up with Taitiana. Sounds fun!

  11. Amen to having no place to go!

    A hike sounds wonderful. Have a happy Valentine's weekend!

  12. Yay for having a wonderful week! I'm thankful for sunshine this week, daffodil shoots coming up all over the garden, homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink icing (and way too many sprinkles!), two episodes of Glee, lots of lovely letters in my mailbox and the thrill of anticipation of seeing my best friend in the whole wide world this coming weekend!!!

    And now, must teach these grade one kidlets something. Or maybe we'll just play with glitter and glue instead.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, Kim.

    PS: I see you have plans with Brandi next Saturday. Fun! Be sure to ask her about our summer plans... and think about if you'd like to join us!

  13. I'm grateful for time to write, paint, and prune fruit trees :)

  14. Yay for a relaxing weekend!!

    thanks again for coming out!!
    and thanks so much for the tea... it's deelicious!!

  15. I'm grateful for blogs because I get to know cool people like you.

    I laughed as I read about parallel parking, I practice when I'm not under pressure and do great, but the minute I have to do it for real I'm tense and timid. Way to go. =)

  16. right on! so many good things! and that parallel parking thing is MAJOR! i am not always successful. lol. sometimes, but not always! lol

    and you had a 22 lb maine coon?! you lucky thing! maine coons are AMAZING! and who wants a skinny kitty?! i love the big ones. the bigger the better!

    have a great weekend! :)

  17. This sounds oike a busy and wonderful week! I love having absolutly nothing to do on the weekends after a busy week. :) Right now I am thankful for this coffee and the little homework I have this weekend!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  18. I am so thankful for amazing friends who bring brilliantly creative projects into my life that I actually get paid for!! I'm thankful for fun dress up days and photo shoots..I'm thankful new contacts in the industry and I'm thankful life, because someone happended to yell at me last night that "LIFE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!" :) Thanks for being one of my most favorite people!

  19. Aaaah, I love Cru!! So yummy!
    Enjoy your weekend of no specific plans! Those weekends are so rare and so wonderful!!

  20. What a great image to take us into the weekend! Glad to hear you had a fab week! Right now, I'm thankful for dinner with my mom and gma. Happy weekend!

  21. there is always things to be thankful for if we choose to look for it....
    today i'm so thankful for sweet blogger buddies to brighten my day, my family & friends, sun pouring through our windows, a funny pup, and giggling with my bestie over the phone!

    enjoy your weekend...relaxation! yay!

    i have decided to have a private blog due to some hurtful comments and would like to invite you to still come and visit me, however i need your email address to add to the list. if you would like me to send an invite your way you can email me at

    hope i'll still see you around my corner of the internet!

  22. Lovely is important to be thankful...I am thankful that it is a baking day in my home today. xoxoxo

  23. Woohoo! Parallel parking is no joke. Good work lady! lol

    I too have an entire weekend of nothing planned (no work!) and I couldn't be happier!

  24. What a wonderful hubby you have, to prepare you a bath :) LOVE!

    Hope you were able to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend. With all the running around that you do, it's nice to unwind for a bit and force ourselves to just coast for awhile.