Monday, February 28, 2011

good deeds ~ stand with planned parenthood

as i'm sure many of you in the united states have heard, the house of representatives just voted to ban planned parenthood from all federal funding, and it is now headed to the senate.  i try to keep politics off my blog since it's such an enraging issue in so many ways, but i just couldn't let this one slip by.  how absurd is it that the government is taking away funding from one of the best organizations our country has?!  how can they care so little about the one in five women who receives health services from planned parenthood for a wide range of health issues?!  90% of the health care provided for women, children, and even men, at planned parenthood is for birth control, prenatal care, cancer screenings, hiv screenings, and educational services, to name a few.  if this bill gets passed, these vital and affordable services will be removed from public access.  

of all the stupid, selfish, corrupt things our government does, this has got to be at the top.  i'm so shocked and angered by this, that i'm having a hard time writing out the numerous benefits of planned parenthood in a clear and concise way.  so if you are not educated on how important planned parenthood is, please take the 1:27 minutes of your time to watch this.  as you'll see, it's women and families just like you and yours that will be hurt by this bill:  

for most low income and middle class families all across the united states, both in rural areas and inner cities, planned parenthood is the only place to which they can turn for preventative health care and prenatal care.  we desperately need planned parenthood to survive, but we must all stand together.  even if you have never received treatment, nor needed it, from planned parenthood, please don't turn your back on your fellow women who rely on it for numerous medical services.

i can also say, on a personal note, that when i worked at an inner city san francisco high school last year, we referred dozens of students to planned parenthood to receive free, confidential health care.  many of them needed assistance to be treated after abuse, to receive prenatal care, and to become educated on safe health practices {none of these issues involved abortions by the way}.  for many of them, it was unsafe to go to their parents {who were often the ones causing the health problems in the first place}, and they had no one to which they could turn for assistance paying medical bills.  planned parenthood was the only place where they could receive the much needed medical assistance on a high schooler's paycheck.  

so please head over to the i stand with planned parenthood page where you can learn more, give a donation, or find out how your representative voted on this bill {found in the "learn more" tab}. 

and if nothing else, please stand up for planned parenthood and sign the petition to keep federal funding in place!  

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  1. I already signed. I think Planned Parenthood provides really important services and education to people in the US. We need to keep them around.

  2. Already signed.

    And I agree with you, this is the top. I can't even fathom how they think cutting funding it okay. It makes me so sad and I really hope it doesn't happen.

  3. This is so selfish, I can't believe they're trying to ban planned parenthood. I just signed the letter

  4. Thank you for posting this today. I'm so outraged by the fact that our government would even consider cutting funding for such an important organization, that I'm at a loss for words myself. I have signed the petition; thanks for helping spread the word.

  5. I just signed and I am having a hard time understanding what is happening on capital hill...obama certainly won't pass this, will he??

  6. Wow, that is just disgusting. I didn't know about it here is Australia, so I am glad you posted this. It's so strange to me that governments are getting more and more conservative as time goes on, hopefully the next generation of politicians aren't so closed-minded. Fingers crossed.

  7. I signed last week when the news broke. so so so sad. Hoping that enough outrage spawns changes.

  8. Just another reason why I think you're awesome, Kim.

    I'd sign if I could! Instead, I'll be cheering on your cause from up here in Canada.

  9. i can't believe this nonsense. typically the whole abortion topic seems to be a distraction from fundamental governing and corruption. people forget we are still pouring $ into war. they know it gets people emotional. people will debate abortion and same-sex marriage until they turn blue. keeps them busy, while the powers that be fill their coffers. but cutting plan parenthood, though they say it's about abortion, is an outright assault on women and their health, which is absurd. i cant believe it's gotten this far. where are our reps in congress? i second your outrage

  10. The possibility of our society losing the services of Planned Parenthood has been infuriating me since this news broke. However, I hadn't signed the petition until seeing your post. Thanks for the friendly little push!

  11. I don't know too much about PP, and I'm not sure if Canada has it, but I did hear a lot of negative things.

    For example, a huge link between planned parenthood and abortions. I've also seen a lot of negative articles about planned parenthood and abortions, such as that PP has even changed its mind on what a human being is. They used to say that abortion is killing a human being. Then they changed their mind. Who knows, maybe someday they'll say it's okay to kill 1-year-olds.

    I'm against abortions, and although I don't know much about PP, I've heard too many things about PP and abortions and therefore I'm against PP.

    But that's just my opinion.

  12. Edit: I read up a few things about it. The wikipedia is filled with abortion information on PP.

    I also find it hypocritical that the same center offers care for babies, or death for babies, at the same time.

    Also, it started off with being a birth control center. Reading about all the opinions and things that PP has on abortion just makes me sick to my stomach..