Friday, January 28, 2011

gratitude ~ special birthday edition!

today i'm very grateful for my mom!  and i'm wishing for her a very special day, because
today is her birthday!!!

 my mom still lives in tennessee, in the little town where i spent many of my growing up years, so we sadly don't get to see each other very often.  and being that she lives far away, i only have access to a few photos of the two of us from my childhood, this awesome olan mills winner, circa 1993, being one of them:

{just call me punky brewster}

and here's my absolute favorite of the two of us, from christmas 2009.

{much more respectable, and a huge shout out to braces!}

my mom was always so comforting when i needed it and raised me to be an independent woman, even teaching
me how to do all of my own home repairs!  she was also the one who gave me the valuable advice that women like
me {read: type A, dramatic, high energy} need a really laid-back, calm life partner to balance them out.  so true mom!  she also gave me super young-looking genes that i will supposedly love someday, but which so far have caused me to be treated like a high schooler {did you know high schoolers aren't treated very well? you should be nice to a high schooler next time you see one}.  anyway, thanks for everything you taught me mom.

i hope you're having the best birthday!!

a few other things i'm grateful for this week:
* hearing iron & wine's song, naked as we came, which immediately took me back to those old college days. sweet memories!
* an awesome interview at a fun coffee shop {fingers crossed!}.
* discovering said coffee shop will serve ritual coffee when they open at the beginning of february {dear LA: if you have never had ritual coffee, please go have a cup next month. it's one of san francisco's best!}
* coffee dates with tatiana.
* checking some major things off my to-do list.
* clean sheets day.
* "the little things" thursdays over on a serenade for solitude. you can never get too much gratitude in life. you can link up your thankful list {on the sidebar} next thursday!
* eating lamingtons and tim tams for dessert last night... [insert blissed out drooling noises here]

what are you thankful for this week?


  1. Awww this is such a happy post! <3
    Happy birthday to your Mom! :D

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother! And yes, high schoolers are not treated well at all. So when I go teach at a high school I am not treated well.

  3. Love your punky Brewster look from 1993! Such a lovely post.

    Happy birthday to your mom! She's adorable.

    Oh, I am grateful that the sun may be coming out soon in these parts, that I am getting some things checked off my to-do list.That I got hang out with a few friends. Got coffee(yep, I'm a coffee shop hopper, too). That my energy has returned. It is amazing how much that matters. Oh, and that it is Friday.
    Good luck with your interview. Sending love your way,

  4. I love your mom and YOU! I even remember you with that hair cut! I see your mom every so often, but usually from a distance at church or on the road. Miss ya!

  5. That first photo really is Punky Brewster. A huge happy birthday to your mom, Kim! I hope you hear some good news from that coffee shop very soon. I had a rough week but the presentation I gave as part of a conference panel went really well yesterday. Now I just need to find some time to relax. Happy weekend, friend!

  6. Happy birthday to your mom!

    This week I am thankful to people who tip well, since that helps the hubs and me pay bills!

  7. happy bday to your mom! and horray for braces ;) they helped me too!

  8. bday wishes to your mom! u have my curiosity about the interview and I was wondering if you really are interested in me doing a little sketch of the exterior of your home just for fun?

    I'm thinking about starting a 'curb appeal' series and thought it might be fun to try yours since you expressed interest..lmk. =)

  9. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet momma! I just can't get over how ADORABLE punky brewster little you was! :) i love it!!!

    it's hard being away from momma isn't it? i am happier to be closer to home than when i was in VA but TX is so big, it's still 10 hrs away! :( so i get you on that one.

    isn't little BIG things like clean sheets day and checking things off to-do lists EXHILIRATING!? ;)

    i will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you on the fun coffee shop! :) i've always wanted to work at one.

    i'm thankful for neighbors that are friends (looking forward to dinner tonight!), a possible job prospect, puppy kisses, an awesome church back home and finding one here... and netflix instant watch! :)

    xoxoxo happy weekend!

  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom!! (if she's reading this? - and even if she's not.

    You look so much like her and I hope you are so fortunate to retain your high school genes clear into your 40's!

    Have a fab weekend!

  11. A very happy birthday to you mom!! I love the pics! Lady, you've got good genes!

    Love your list! Glad the coffee shop interview went well! I've not had ritual coffee, but I'll be on the lookout. And clean sheets....I need to do laundry!! :)

    Happy weekend!!

  12. happy birthday to your mom! she made YOU, so she must be one rad lady! :)

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

    Everything you said that included coffee is definitely worth a mention!! ;) Man, coffee really perks me up in more than one way--especially during afternoon slumps. And those desserts...they sound delicious. I think I should bake something this weekend?

    Take care & enjoy your weekend!


  14. that is one amazing photo you have there!!!! I hope your mom has a very special birthday!

    Seperate note..I loved going for a walk and getting delicious coffee with you yesterday!

    No work for me on Monday so let's do it again then! :)

  15. Thank you Kim for the lovely birthday edition just for me. You are a special woman and I am so lucky to have you. Even though we are so far apart, you are always in my thoughts. I love you.

    Also, Thank you to all your readers for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.

  16. Wishing your mom a happy birthday!

    This week I'm thankful for balance. Not sure why, but I felt really balanced this week in life (this doesn't always happen). :)

    Happy weekend!

  17. Happy birthday to your mum :) I love the Punky Brewster pic--that is too cute for words! She seems like an awesome woman and much respect to her for teaching you so many valuable life lessons.

  18. awww that was you? Cute little punky brewster!! ( ok just 'googled' that to find out ) heehee

    Wishing your pretty mom a very Happy Birthday. She must be proud of you Kim.

    I've so much to be thankful for. So, THANK YOU to-and-for everything!!

  19. happy birthday to your adorable mom! i love the olan mills photo- very classy. and i know what you mean about the young-high-school-looking genes.

  20. Happiest of birthdays to your lovely mom!!! I bet she got a little teary-eyed upon reading your sweet post.

  21. Happy (belated) birthday to your mom! Cofee dates sound good and so does marking things off of a to-do list! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  22. Happy Birthday!

    I am grateful for lentils and fans and JOB INTERVIEWS. :)

  23. Your mom sounds wonderful! Happy birthday to her :)

  24. I'm sure I commented on this post the other day, but maybe not... (some days I'm so tired, my brain doesn't work quite right!) Anyway, I loved this post, of course. How could I not love that AWESOME photo of you a la Punky Brewster?!

    Happy Birthday to your mom and happy weekend to you (even though it's Monday now!)- hope it was as fabulous as you are, Kim!