Monday, November 1, 2010

we did the monster mash!

hopefully everyone survived last night, yes? we had a small shindig at our place which was pretty fun. we carved pumpkins, sipped hot cider, laughed, warmed ourselves by the fire, listened to great music, got to know new friends, had a beheading, and roasted some pumpkin seeds. all in all, not a bad halloween!

{we were she & him for halloween! dannon has the m. ward i'm-too-cool-for-my-shirt look down doesn't he?}

{dannon's pumpkin - spooky!!!}

{don't worry, he had it coming. this was actually really hard because he was so cute! but it's all for a very good cause, trust me.}

and now it's another week and another month - why hello november!!
i'm so excited to start planning thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.
i also have some awesome causes that i hope to get involved with this month. it should be a very fun and fulfilling, yet busy month... and i'm so ready for it! deep breaths.

how was your halloween?


  1. lol, cuting a poor stuffed animal's head off?! haha, sounds like you had fun! I love Halloween, we had a blast as well :)

  2. You two look adorable. And I'm wondering why the poor stuffed animal was on the chopping block...
    Here's to a new month, filled with many wonderful things for you!

  3. awww... I love your she & him costumes!!! happy halloween!!

  4. Dannon really does look like M.Ward! Great costume. You too have are so fun!

  5. Can you believe it's already November?!! Your Halloween party looked like fun, glad you had a good time!

  6. You cut his head off? I can't look!

    And you guys are totally cute! What a fun weekend!

  7. Happy 1st of November! You looked great in your costumes. We had a great Halloween weekend, but I'm exhausted now. I think it will take several days (and many mini-chocolate bars) in order to recover! I've got a hundred photos to post. Maybe later today...

  8. i LOVE that you were she & him. truly amazing. and yet adorable at the same time!

  9. looks like you all had a fun night....except for stuffy.....
    love your header.....such beautiful photos full of fun & love!

  10. Aww you guys look adorable!! And yay for Thanksgiving, it's one of my favorite Holidays too. ;)

  11. I love couple costumes! You two are adorable!