Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this is my tuesday ~ vacation!

last week, when the lovely wendy of red boots, listed 'vacation' as the topic for her new series, i thought, "that should be easy, i just got back from my honeymoon to thailand!" but this week i have a completely different perspective. this week when i thought about vacation, my first response was "yes! please! i would LOVE a vacation!"

now i know this maybe seems too much to ask. i mean i'm currently unemployed {isn't everyday a vacation?} and i just had a super awesome long trip last month {how many vacations does a person need? sheesh!}. but really, the past few weeks have been crazy busy with unpacking our new home, searching for jobs, and finding a car i can drive {by the by, we found one! a cute volvo that we get to bring home wednesday - eee!}.

i've come to understand that sometimes being unemployed is the hardest job you can have.

dannon and i have been talking about getting away soon for our sanity. i'm pretty sure we're going to just hop in the car and head down to san diego one afternoon. or maybe san francisco. we really miss san francisco and are itching for a little vacation back home. HOME! it seems strange that these photos of san francisco - the views from dannon's old house - is now a vacation destination for us. we are loving our new life in los angeles, but the thought of heading back to san francisco is so comforting! and, of course, i'm more than ready to get away from the daily grind of craigslist ads, networking, and cover letter writing!

{these photos were taken by my talented photographer friend john at the treasure island music festival last year... which was literally in dannon's backyard!}

head over to red boots to link up your own vacation post
check back tomorrow for another amazing wedding recap!

ps - GO VOTE!


  1. Love the plug to vote. :)

    Beautiful pictures and I hope you can get out of the house for a bit to do something fun! You're getting a lot of work done!

  2. Come to San Diego! There's lots of fun stuff to do here and it's a nice short drive from LA. If you need any suggestions, let me know.

  3. Awww, just relax and enjoy your time between jobs because soon it will be back to the grind and life will be so hectic! Just make yourself a nice 'unemployment schedule' with time for yoga, napping, AND job searching :)

    Dannon's old houses' view is spectacular omg! PS Congrats on your new ride, volvos are so cool!

  4. Beautiful photos! And I am heading over to red boots right now to check this all out. I am in the midst of planning a secret vacation right now. I am beyond excited!

  5. Hope you get to take that little vacation soon, Kim. All the stress of job-hunting definitely takes a toll, and you deserve a break!

    Ooh, more wedding photos? Yes please!

  6. san francisco is pretty freakin' amazing isn't it? sigh. so proud to be born here and living right across the bay from the city. it's a nice :)

    ps. voted.

  7. San Francisco is probably one of my favourite cities in the USA right up there with DC, so I can for sure understand why you would want a vacation there:)

  8. soon enough you will have a job...in the meantime some sf daydreaming is a nice way to pass the day:)


  9. love those pictures and LOVE san fran.... awwwh how i miss the city!

  10. It's always good to have a vacation at home. I often go to my parents, or to our old city of Aberdeen for a vacation. Nothing fancy or exotic, and only a couple of hours on the train, but as soon as I get there i instantly feel more relaxed!

    Unemployment is the hardest job you can have. Everything about life just seems so much harder, and the lack of routine is a killer. I lose all my motivation and productivity. I admire you for staying strong though! And I have my fingers crossed for you that you get the job!!