Tuesday, September 28, 2010

love bomb!

i'm currently away on my honeymoon {this is a pre-written post} and i'm hoping you guys are enjoying the lovely guest bloggers! i wanted to share one of the loveliest things i've seen lately, thanks to paige at prone to wander {she's one of the love bomb partners}.

have you heard of love bomb? have you ever been a part of it? the concept is simple, but incredibly beautiful! the idea is to bombard people who are going through a hard time or who have experienced something tragic with love - kind words, encouragement, support, positivity - all in the form of blog comments. how lovely is that?!

each week they pick someone and say a little bit about why that person is in need of a love bombing. then you simply follow the link over to their blog and share some love with them.

technology has a lot of faults, but i can't think of a more beautiful way to use it for good! through the world of blogging, we can learn about people in need even though they may live far away or may hide their pain in person. taking part in a love bombing is such an easy way to make the world a better place and uplift a fellow human being. and isn't that the point of life? we are all in this together.

{photo found here}

so i hope you can take a few minutes to head over to love bomb and see who needs your words of love today and help change someone's life!


  1. This is possibly the sweetest thing ever. Seriously. People need love and just a few words could do so much good. Hope you are having an amazing time!

  2. i'm going to check it out right now. i want to share some love this morning!

  3. this is amazing! thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I just love the idea! And I can imagine anyone going through a hard time would gladly welcome the encouraging and kind words from other people. I'm so heading over there now.

  5. I love love bombing. Sometimes I do it with a group(It Starts with Us) that is a dun sentence to write. Hope the honeymoon is wonderful.

  6. I'd heard of love bomb and I think it's an amazing thing. The internet can do some great things along with the bad. Hope Thailand is amazing so far!