Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day!

here's hoping all you lovely folks, whether you're american or not, are getting your full of fun and relaxation, and not at all laboring today!

{photo found here}

and if you do have to work today, i hope it's an especially easy day, and that you can find some way to treat yourself to something extra special! do a little dance in the breakroom? take a walk in the sun at lunch? read some blogs when your boss isn't looking? ;)

at my old job i loved to take my lunch at the children's park across from my building in downtown san francisco. there were never any kids there, just young professionals in their business suits swinging on swings and lying in the grass. it was great.

do you have any fun workday practices?

and whatever you're doing today, have a super happy monday!!!


  1. That children's park sounds like the most amazing find. I would have totally been on the swings every day at lunch. And I love your suggestions for today. I'm off, but I think I may do a little dance in my kitchen just because.

  2. The hubs is off today! Yay! I think a picnic is in order. : )

  3. It's Labour Day here in Canada, too! Enjoying my last day of summer vacation by picking blackberries in the pouring rain and baking a pie. Yum! Have also packed lunches for tomorrow and made tomorrow night's dinner- vegetarian shepherd's pie. Bring it on, autumn! I'm ready.

  4. I worked.... but I got time and a half! That's a plus right? I hope you had a fab labor day!