Tuesday, August 17, 2010

spread the word!

gather round folks and let me tell you about a very worthy cause that i recently discovered in my new neighborhood --

i was walking a couple blocks from home when i saw a store window full of the most beautiful fabric pillows and scarves. i wandered in and discovered more beautiful handmade goods including jewelry and paper-less journals {made out of army tents among other things}!

the store is raven + lily and i feel so passionate about it. why? raven + lily is a non-profit made up of creative women who assist impoverished women through design. they collaborate with women from east africa, india, and even women's shelters in los angeles to create beautiful goods. once the designs are finished, raven + lily market and sell the items in their cute shop in echo park and online, then send the profits back to the original designers.

the products are made of fair-trade, organic and recycled materials. plus, there is a unique, individual woman who is going to make a fair living from each purchase! in the store they even had cards with each woman's name on it so you could send a little message to the specific designer who made the product.

here are some facts from the website:
* 70% of the world's poorest people are women
* 2/3 of those who cannot read or write are women
* 80% of refugees & trafficking victims are women

as a woman, these stats are astounding to me, and i keep thinking that if i happened to have been born in a different country, those stats might have included me. so i feel pretty passionate about empowering women however i can.

which is why i signed up to be a volunteer on the design team! i'm so excited about a way that i can get creative and empower my fellow woman! i even bought some of the beautiful coasters {one of my fun new home purchases}.

check out the site, donate, buy something beautiful, and help spread the word!


  1. that is sooo awesome and what an amazing cause! Yay Echo park :) thanks so much for spreading the word about that fabulous organization!

  2. I'm going to have to post about this site too -- they have so many beautiful items and I LOVE that they have a real purpose. And good for you for getting involved! I can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Ah, me gusta the website. I might have to use it for all those friends of ours that are rapidly having babies!

  4. Hello! I'm Sarah and I run the Raven + Lily shop here in Echo Park! We are so happy to be here and thanks for your lovely mention of us on your blog!
    I wanted to let you know and feel free to spread the word that the First Friday night of each month, a group of us designers & creative fellows get together to work on design ideas to send as inspiration to the groups we work with.
    We meet in our studio in the back of the space from 7-10pm. If you come and it looks like we're closed- just give a holler and we'll come let you in!
    Many Blessings,