Sunday, August 15, 2010

by george i think we got it!

... a new venue for our wedding that is!

unfortunately it doesn't have a big beautiful view of the ocean or the mountains or anywhere for that matter, unlike our original venue, but it does have everything we need for our sweet picnic ceremony.
it's a big lovely lawn surrounded on all sides by beautiful walls of flowers and trees {it even has lavender bushes!}, perfect spots for lawn games, cute furniture we can set up outside as little living rooms, and a smooth patio for dancing. the house is big enough to house some of our guests so they don't have to worry about hotels. and the woman who owns the house is so sweet! and is really easy to work with.
being a smaller yard with trees will also make it way easier for me to make decorations, which i'm pretty psyched about, and being surrounded on all sides by greenery means no bad backgrounds to our pictures. it's also about an hour closer to where we live which will make it easier on everyone.
my dream wedding would take place in a giant field in the country with a big barn, but our budget is too small for that and pretty fields with pretty barns are too far away for all our guests to travel to. so i think this lovely yard is the next best thing.

here are just a few pictures of our dreamy new venue:

what a relief it is to have a new location!!! now we can get back to actually planning and decorating for our wedding.

so that was the big thing in our weekend,
how was your weekend?


  1. Kim, I am SOOOOO happy that everything has worked out! Yay for a new venue and I can't wait to hear more about eveyrthing you have planned for your guests :)

  2. yay!!! so happy you were able to find a new and beautiful location. Looks to be the perfect spot for a picnic-esque wedding ;) xx

  3. That's fantastic! The pictures of it are beautiful. It looks like a fantastical garden. I'm so glad it's working out for you.

    The best thing about my weekend is having Noah move into the apartment! We're still waiting on our last roommate but I'm very happy to be at this point.

  4. AHH YAY!!!
    so excited for you! congrats!
    finding the perfect venue just makes everything better!!
    i love the garden!

  5. The yard looks beautiful with all the flowering bushes and trees. So happy it has all worked out well.