Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i finally found my card reader today unpacking some of the last of our boxes. hooray! now i can show you all the adventure we've had moving from san francisco to los angeles!

the last week in san francisco went by way too fast. i really wish i had more time to hang out with people and go to all my favorite places again, but that's okay. i'm sure i'll be back home many times over the coming years.

it was so strange moving everything out of my apartment. it was home for 5 years! this was me, spending my last morning ever at home.

we packed up all our worldly possessions in this moving truck with dannon's car on the back. it was a little dicey navigating such a huge auto, but dannon handled it fantastically! i held chloe cat in a carrier on my lap the whole time. she was a real trooper, hardly meowing at all!

when we unloaded everything we realized just how much stuff we have and just how small our apartment is! we had a rough first couple days trying to unpack with all that stuff in the way. it was pretty comical sight with us having to leap over mountains boxes!

but 2 trips to ikea, 5 trips to target, and 1 trip to lowes we had things pretty well set!

next we have to find a place to store the furniture dannon built that we don't have room for, a wee bit of unpacking to do, a trip to goodwill to make, and a few things we need to sell then we'll be totally finished!

so far we haven't really explored our neighborhood, but hopefully that will come soon.


  1. I love how light and bright it is in your new place. That kitchen is fab!

    Welcome (to your new) home!!!

  2. Your new place looks like it's pretty great! Good luck with all the unpacking!

  3. ahh!! congrats on the move!! ;)

  4. Congrats on a successful move. I really like the kitchen.

  5. ah!! your new place is so gorgeous! ours is tiny... and i think we spent our mutual lives' savings at ikea on sunday... but our place is sort of coming together.i move things into my new classroom tomorrow, so that will free up quite a bit of space!

    and i LOVE your new tattoo! i've been dying to see it, an hear how your move has been... it's so lame not having internet. anyways, i'm so glad your move has gone awesome. even though moving is a drag, the adventure sure is worth it, isn't it??

  6. It looks like you have a great place! I know how you feel. I just moved to San Jose 3 weeks ago from North Dakota and we were living with boxes for a while. No fun.

  7. ahh CONGRATS! your new place already looks great!
    good luck with all the unpacking!

  8. That's so exciting! I hope your new place feels like home!

  9. Your new place is just lovely....