Monday, August 9, 2010

adventures in l.a.

this was my first full weekend living in l.a. and thankfully we had finished unpacking so we could have fun!

we explored our neighborhood, hung out with some of our dearest friends, and discovered the best gilato in america. seriously, if anyone disagrees i will fight you.

the place is bulgarini gelato and it's in an impossibly hard to find back corner of a rite aid plaza in altadena, ca... and totally worth the trek! one critic from the l.a. times said it was like the bare hint of sweaty afternoon sex in the scent of a juicy midsummer melon. i'm not sure exactly what that means, but i can tell you it was damn good! seriously, if you live anywhere near here you've got to try it {and if you go on a saturday night you'll even catch the free movie on the patio!}.

{photo from here}

this weekend i also learned that super hot summer weather and 3 scoops of almond lemon creme gelato makes me happier than a box full of rainbows and kittens! .... welllll...


  1. Yummy - I haven't had gelato since coming back from France...I need to find me some up here!

  2. you know i don't think i've ever had gelato. and if i did, i don't remember! i know right...what's wrong with me?! looks too good to pass up.

  3. yummm, i LOVE gelato!! it's my favorite desert. and that flavor "afternoon sex" cracks me up!! xx

  4. YUM! i love gelato!!
    hooray for adventures in la!!

  5. yum. that looks amazing . . . almost as amazing as that hilarious description, ha!